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February 17, 2011



You've got a great eye! I especially love all the owls. I can't wait until my house is back together so I can participate in Collect Share!


Oh, I love your art! My favorites being the bird's nest and the paint by number. And of course, your sweet boy's art! that is really awesome.

art is the first thing i look for when i go to an estate sale. i found a really cool vintage oil painting at an estate sale in wenatchee last fall. i hung around until everything was half off and then bought it for $8. it turns out that it was framed at a shop that no longer exists, but was once very close to our current home. it hangs on the wall at the foot of our bed and i love, love, love seeing it every night when i go to sleep.


Love the 1,2, and 5th one! And sooo cheap!
I really wish I found something like that!

Anyways, I collect (vintage) shoes, haha. I have a lot of them!

Great blog!


Some beautiful finds! I especially love the trees!

Here is my favorite piece of thrifted art:
Only $3 from an estate sale!

Vicki K

Everyone of those pieces is wonderful! The owls are my favorite. The $30 one looks a bit VanGoghish. I will have to be more diligent about thrifted art - what I usually see is not good at all.

amy zimmer

I love the one that looks like Northern Wales. Your taste impeccable! xo A


Art is my #1 favorite thing to thrift for and collect. I'm *Completely* in love with every single piece you have- we share the same taste in expressive/imperfect art.

Been meaning to do collection posts for years, but I need to wait the best lighting to take pictures :) We've got to show our collection at their best. (Also, don't think I've seen that vintage paint by number before on this blog- love those bright colors!!!)


OMG ATG, that picture with the owls is AWESOME! Nice find (I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous!)


love the bird's nest one and the one that you love too - would love to see the whole thing. some of my favourite framed pieces of art are ones my son made throughout his time in school. i have glue art, shape art, "in the style of" art(andy warhol and emily carr) and more. they're so cool. i love your son's paper art too. we do occasional art shows at our church where we'll have a theme and invite artists of all ages to contribute. i'm always blown away by what the kids come up with; they are deep, deep thinkers. do you ever re-sell art? and if so, how do you know when you're buying it, if it'll be worth reselling?


All of these are so wonderful. Unfortunately, thrift art is waaay overpriced in my neck of the woods. People seem to think if it is a real painting (not a print) it may be painted by a recognized artist, so let's price it at $30. Usually it's just by some dude who took an art class. Those are usually my favorite kinds of art work, too.

Krissy @ B.Inspired

I am always drawn to the old paint by numbers... I just picked up a set of two ballerina ones. I'll try to get them photographed and blogged about so I can link up!

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

Love your art. I just got a framed watercolour of Paris for £1.25 in a charity shop - I'm not sure they realised it was original. No idea about the artist, but I really like it.

one gal's trash

Hi Selena,
Love this post...That Paris PBN is just over the top fabulous! The one with the trees reminds me of Gustav Klimt...See??


What great finds! By the way, I just picked up the blue vase that is shown next to your picture with the birch trees in snow. Do you know anything about it? I cannot make out the name underneath, but I love the color and form.

Most of my art is also second-hand. Come to think of it, are there any big art museums who have NOT gotten their collections second hand? Their second-hand prices are just sooo much higher ;-)


Hi Selena! Hope you are doing great! I love the paint by numbers paintings. I have several and I keep getting asked to sell them but I just can't part with!

Deanna :D

Selena Cate

Karin, the vase you mentioned in my post is rather collectible. Do a search for Bitossi and you should find a lot of links with more information. Many of the pieces are just signed Italy with numbers.
Ive sold a couple Bitossi pieces for around $100 each.


You seem to find really good art! I however, havent been so lucky!


i don't seem to collect as many things as i used to. As a kid I collected erasers, stickers, rocks, books (ok I still collect books)... my dad collects broken clocks that he fixes and pen knives (I have three two that my dad gave me and one that was .50 cents at an estate sale and was brand new. I have a steadily rising collection of vintage buttons in black, white/mop, and red that i use to make my little dolls with and random other special little crafts.

I think our home is starting to gain a personality of it own and I keep bring back little bits hear and there. The only thing collection worthy is Matt's vintage cameras, there are about a dozen or so tucked away in the living room and a few more in his office. and I always look out for them when I'm in antique shops and charity shops. He has a few on his list that he wants so I keep on the look out for them.

My parents home has always been filled with art and I happily look at all the paintings that I used to spend hours gazing at when I was a kid. It makes me happy


We have a little thrifted colored pencil piece (unsigned) of the Pike Street Market in Seattle hanging in our guest bathroom, and I love it. I found it in Austin, on a day when I was particularly missing the PNW, and it seemed like a sign.


I don't have many thrifted paintings. To be honest, I haven't looked at that area as often, but you've inspired me to do so. How sweet is Kieran's picture, too!

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