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February 20, 2011


A La Modern

Glad that you had a really good estate/thrift weekend. I haven't been to an awesome estate in awhile, and they've been very hit/miss this year. The one you went to first sounds like my favorite kind - I really like it when there's stuff to dig through and I have the time to look through everything. Sometimes, if it looks really promising and I don't have time, I'll even come back later when there's less people. The "obvious" stuff is usually gone, but I think a lot of people don't bother digging for smalls, or they'll miss them.

Linda Dacey

this form of buying
sounds oh so fascinating
doesn't exist here
in france
but hey
we have the street brocantes
which start in a few weeks
oh the thrill of the chase;



I find it so fascinating to see the items you find in California in comparison to thrift stores and estate sales here on the east coast.


I so wish I could go thrifting with you I so miss yard sales and estate sales. I'm hoping there will be a few sales in April when I visit my parents. I can't bring much back but its still always fun to go, and perhaps I will find myself a birthday present or two.

I haven't found much in the charity shops around here lately but I'm hoping to go to Nottingham soon and hit a few charity shops around the city centre. I'm also campaigning for a trip to York Thursday as there is a huge junk shop there to rummage through.


I would call those bowls "sauce bowls" but am sure they could be used as prep bowls also.
Owls are popping up all over this year. I was even tempted to pick up a couple recently. (My one trip out this year.)
The chain could be for jewelry making or for hanging pottery, etc.
It will be another month before there are organized estate sales here. Too much snow and muck would be tracked in at this time of year. Still, I am sure we would stand in lines waiting to get in, no matter the temps.

Late Night Coffee

It's probably good that we are on opposite coasts...I think we would be competing for the same things at sales. Wow!!!! GREAT finds! Really neat! You have such a good eye for artwork...Congrats on your successful weekend!


We hit the jackpot at a sale on Friday. Someone was moving out of a beautiful Victorian house and was selling all their books. We scored BIG TIME! We burned the midnight oil to get them all listed on Amazon. Can't wait until they are available - lots and lots of art books and specialty books. We also scored two pair of like-new Dansko clogs. For myself, I bought a brand new Helen Kaminski straw hat for $10. Sounds like a lot, but those things are super-pricey new! My old one is 19 years old. Time to get a new (for me) one.
Adore the Vera napkins!!!!


Your killing me. That print looks fabulous with that new chair you just got. Love the size

Jackie_Let's GoThrifting!

Those are great crafty finds. Of course, love the owl glasses. I found some really great owl decor a few days ago, very retro. I have to take a few pictures and post them.

Rusty Rooster Vintage

Hello! First timer joining the party. I love the owls and the Russian dolls. I'm very jealous of that chain! I would rust it up and use it in my projects. Great finds. Nice to meet you.


I love everything--especially the painting. Awesome thrift weekend--congrats!


the painting made me gasp. so beautiful - what a find! i can't believe the amount of estate sales you attend. they are just not as common in Canada (at least not in BC where i live.)
i'm also curious about comments regarding posting books on Amazon. i gather that when i buy a used book on Amazon, it's from folks like you who have purchased them and are reselling. - can you explain how that process works? (but not this week, this week you are spending time with your children!! :-)

i found a fabulous eddie bauer straw-like hat for $2 that i'm going to wear to death this summer. also a Ty collectible teddy bear (tie-dye looking with a peace symbol on its chest) for my niece, just $1. gotta love thrift shops.

Beth S

Love that piece of art, too! Looks so whimsical. And, of course, love the Vera. I don't think I've come across one of her designs I haven't liked!


Is that a carrom board in the background of your first photo? I have fond memories of summers spent with our carrom board and just had to have it when my mother moved out of our family home!! Love your blog.

Selena Cate

Yes Ann, that is a Carrom Board (although I didnt know the name until you said it here :-) Keirans Snoopy Sweater sold for $31. I gave him half the proceeds. He decided to spend $10 on the vintage carrom board on the last day of an estate sale on Sunday. He was so proud to buy it with his own money.  We all look forward to learning how to play this intriguing game.
xoxo Selena


Sounds like a fabulous and fun weekend! All of your finds are wonderful, but I'm bowled over by that lithograph. It's really gorgeous. Funny thing - there were a ton of owls at a local thrift shop this past week, too.


I had that very set of Russian dolls from my childhood until last week when my dog found and ATE them. I still have the tiny one but that is it. I love that dog but sometimes...


Love that art piece! I bought a large abstract painting from the 60s this weekend. I still need to photograph it.


Selena, I hope you don't mind me posting a second link. I just wanted to make sure folks could catch the results of my Live Thrift Share. Thank you again and again for hosting Thrift Share Monday!


It sounds like you had a great weekend. Thanks for hosting the party again so we can all share.


and i thought i was a thrifter... ha ha ha...
i've really enjoyed your spirit here, 'sista'.


I like that painting!

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