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February 27, 2011



hi ATG. i've scrolled up and down a bit your site this morning, am in awe at what all you're doing and how you are doing that. when bell&i get thrifting, we wonder whether we are going to list some of it, or not, so i find valuable advice here. thank you, you are generous!
i'm into small things (creatively) these days, and the little boxes full of wonder caught my attention indeed. great, great find! the art painting reminds me of a dear place near here...
have a good week now, later n♥

A La Modern

Hope you're feeling better - I was sick most of the week too. Tried to do the usual Friday thrift/estate run, but it's really hard to concentrate when you're not feeling well. Had to cut it short and go home eventually.

Nice finds on the Festivo sticks - I've only ever found the shorter 2-height ones. I'm surprised they get recognized, even though a lot of them aren't signed.


Hope you are feeling better and ready to face the upcoming week. Excellent finds.


Hey you're from Chico? If so, me too! I had several birthdays at Cal Skate. :)


I love your blog and have been following your for ages. I have nominated you for a stylish blog award! It always inspires me!

Junker Newbie Stephanie

Hope you are feeling back to your old stuff! The colds etc. have definitely been going around here...I had no voice for 5 days!

I have wondered if people think I'm stealing stuff when I put them in my bag (it's just easier to carry things around people!).

Linking to a post today from when I shopped an Architectural Salvage place when I was traveling last week (hope that is ok). Don't have my post up from my yard sale finds over the weekend but that is coming soon and I found some great items!


Great finds as usual Selena. I particularly like the picture at the top. Wish I'd found that!


LOVE that painting, and the glasses, many beautiful finds. It looks like many of us had painful colds to push through this month- many the reselling challenge worked us too hard. Glad it looks like you got some rest and thrift therapy to feel better!

Moriah B.

Get well! I went to a couple of large sales this weekend and found a few treasures. Several items for my eBay list, three vintage tablecloths for repurposing, an Anthropologie kitchen scale in a lovely aqua color and an assortment of vintage scarves, hair ties and handkerchiefs.


I love that pepsi sign/clock! Actually my husband & I just saw a coke one yesterday at a home right next door to an estate sale. A coke one would be a no-no here, too. Although we only drink about 1 can a week, with our Friday night homemade pizza, Pepsi is definitely our cola of choice here.

On the thief note - it's actually really odd. Once in a while we've run into someone like that also, both in stores and at sales. It's only happened once or twice, so I really think it has to do with them, not you.


Hi! I love that painting! I feel like I never find paintings that are my style while thrifting... I am amazed by how quickly your little shop items sell! Wow!


Your comment about finding the glasses to use at home is interesting - I don't think it's silly! I love to find housewear items at the thrifts/sales that I can actually use in my own home - I wish I had started doing this a long time ago. It's rather satisfying to use something that is esthetically pleasing, great quality and very useful - that cost very little!

The jewellery must have been fun to sort through! Looks like a lot of treasures. I love the candlesticks - I was lucky enough to find a set of 3 in varying sizes and then a single little one.

Thank you for sharing - I love seeing your finds.


Hi Selena, I hope you're feeling better today! Love, love, love the painting; it's so great. Also love the little treasure boxes. I went to a book sale at our library on Friday. They have this every year and always charge a $5 entrance fee the first day, then Sat/Sun are free. I've only ever gone on free days and found nothing, so i thought i'd try paying the fee to see what i'd get. Found LOTS of great stuff, not just for me but for the MCC Thrift Shop where i volunteer, to resell. Best find was a 50c travel book on Scotland, where my hubby and i are planning to go in fall to celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Beth S

So jealous of all the cool artwork you've been finding lately!


I hope you're feeling better! That Pepsi clock is so cool! I prefer Coca Cola myself but I splurge on the Pepsi throwback soda now and then. You found some terrific things!


I hope you're feeling better soon. You found some great stuff, as always. Thanks for hosting the party.


I love those drinking glasses--very nice. Vera's always a good find!


Hi, Selena! Hope you feel better! I love the glasses you found for your house. Seems like almost all I find I end up wanting to keep for my home. Guess it's fine till I run out of room!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

I just found your blog, Selena, and I love it! I joined your party and will be participating often. I'm rather new to blogging and it's opening a whole new world to me ... I can't wait to visit all the others who participated in your party to see the treasures they've recently found. Thanks for hosting and I hope you're well soon.
Blessings ... Lynn


Hello! Joining the party for the first time, so glad to find it! i love to thrift! That box of buttons and baubles is wonderful.


Oh my goodness -- I had the same turtle book plates when I was a child. I remember so carefully sticking them in only my most precious books, as I only had one box of them and they had to last.

Does this mean I'm vintage? (No need to answer that one).

Anyway, if you're wondering, the turtle book plates would have been from the mid-70s.


How do I get the code for the Thrift Share Monday button, to put in my sidebar on my blog? I see the button on Apron Thrift Girl's blog, but can't find the code. I'm loving all the wonderful treasures!

The Yard Sale Girl

Selena, how do I add the button the thrift share button to my blog? I tried to copy and paste the URL, but I don't really know what I am doing :-) No hurry, but would love to add the button to the page :-)

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