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February 13, 2011



Nice finds! Especially the Viking sewing machine for $20. That smocking trim is so cool. I would also say it was used for shoulder straps, or maybe a sleeve cuff or a neckline?

katie jean

such great finds! love finding fabrics, I let out a little squeal when I do :/


ohh I'm a SUCKER for trim, ribbon and such. I have an old grape crate full of cool stuff that was my moms from way back. :) hard to use because it's irreplaceable but I have it and I love it--catch 22


Selena: How many of those silver buttons are there and how big are they? I'd be really interested potentially! I'll email as well. Thanks!

Jackie K

Nice finds yesterday!
That smocking trim - yes, I think it was shoulder straps - along with that elastic smocked fabric sold by the inch and used for easy to make dresses. (not that I'd remember these things, well maybe, can you say middle school dance circa 1977?)


I love the whimsical sewing supplies you found, especially the red Indian fabric I see here! You keep inspiring me to check ads for sales, I always just go out on a whim to hunt.


That is so cool, I wish I was there too! Sounds like an amazing sale. I never have much luck finding vintage fabric, and if I do, it's usually too small a piece to really make something out of it. What are you going to do with it all? The smocking can be used for shoulder straps, but also at the end of those poofy sleeves that were in fashion a long time (and are ready for a comeback, I believe). Too bad the color is horrific ;-)



Love the finds. Would pay $25 for that pretty blue flower pin (is it a pin?)


Did your heart skip a beat when you walked in and saw all that great stuff? I'm sure the person it belonged to would be glad to know someone who truely appreciates the types of things she did got to have them. Looove the fabric. Those bags of jewelry are awesome, I never find jewelry like that here. People usually try and overcharge even for costume that isn't so nice here. Happy Valentines Day!

Cathe Holden

Those vintage fabrics make my heart race! Man, you're good.

Junker Newbie Stephanie

Didn't get out this weekend thrifting. LOVE your finds, that fabric is fabulous! Happy Valentine's Day!


We went to an estate sale and found a vintage "Handi-Jug", never used, with a tag still on it and a flyer inside from Aunt Jemima! We think it is from 1953. Can't find another one anywhere on the internet!! So, we have it up on Ebay, fingers crossed. It's super-adorable. We also found a few items for Amazon, mostly self-help CD/DVDs. Really interesting with low sales rank. Already sold one!! So even in the dead of winter in the Rocky Mountains, we are still finding a little bit of this and a little bit of that.


As always, I am floored at the stuff you find at your sales. I think I need to move to your part of the country.

amy zimmer

Great Finds Selena! xo A


great finds! my favorite kids, in fact, as they come with such inspiration.

i would totally be interested in some of the vintage jewelry and bits for repurposing. i already adore the brass mesh piece....


Cool finds! I would be checking that broken jewelry bag for scrap gold.

Late Night Coffee

WOW!!!!!! I would have LOVED that sale!!!! What great material! And you were the only one!! A dream come! Love all the things you found...good for you!


LOVE the buttons. what is it about buttons that's so alluring? i remember long afternoons as a child playing with my mom's button box. one of the things we inherited from my husband's gramma is her button box. it just feels like treasure when i run my fingers through it.


Those are some wonderful finds! So glad that after dragging yourself out, you found some things. I've had a similar week with listing, etc., and was just wondering how you juggle it all so successfully.

PS - the smocked trim would be great as straps. I'd probably consider using it for below-bust trimming and maybe hemlines for girls' things, too.


Great sewing and crafting finds! Thanks for hosting the party.

The Joyful Thrifter

I found a whole box of ribbon this weekend for $2.00 and I walked away feeling like I had stolen something! It was so fun to go through that box when I arrived home and realized what treasures were really inside.


I love the fabric, trim and ribbons! What an amazing sale you walked into! I love the old ribbon you found!


That's so cool. In 30 years, that's what people will find at my own estate sale. Ton's of fabric and sewing supplies.


OK, kinda off the wall but to resell the smocking trim, other than for little girls clothing I might be tempted to get a higher price by using gypsies as my target audience. Many reinactment players would love that for their costumes.


Wow, love that vintage trim, so very pretty. Great finds as always, esp. that turquoise pin. I'd have a hard time parting with it:)

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