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March 14, 2011


Cheryl Comfort

I picked up one of those hat forms last summer for $5. I love it :-)The buttons you scored are fabulous.

I am wanting to open an etsy store. Have you ever blogged about how you figure out what to charge for shipping a package on you blog? If so, I'd like to read it lol

Nicole Poole

It's difficult to get inspired about little pretty finds in the face of such devastation, and I really appreciate your keeping it in the forefront. You teach me a lot about heart, dearheart. I'm all over the dolls. Please let me know how to purchase them, if they're still available. Thanks again.


I wish I was local so I could donate tons of items to your Little Shop. I've been thinking of Japan all weekend too, and have been cooking up fundraiser ideas.

I love the teapot and the little jail music box you found! Good luck keeping up with everything amid your daily chaos! (And then some!)


Those forms look exactly like the well loved ones I have at work! We use them for styling wigs. I like the older ones, it's easier to put pins into them when the sawdust has broken down. You can buy new ones for about $40, but I can see why the vintage ones go for more on eBay.


Have you seen the video of the tsunami AS it was happening? It's heartbreaking.

It does sound like you had my ideal thrifting weekend! I like the easy-going stumbling pace much better than the mad frantic pace. :)


Are the dolls for sale? I will take them!!!


such a wonderful, unexpected day's outing you've had! those really are the best.
yes, the heads are amazing, a tad eerie too...
how thoughtful of you to donate. it's all we can do, but it does mean a lot.


i want those dolls! ;)


I'm insanely jealous of those head forms although I would call them wig heads because that's what I've used them for before in the costume shop. Whatever you call them I would totally snap one up if I ever found one *sigh*

I've been thinking about donations and such as well this week and trying not to let the horrible events in Japan effect my whole mood especially in regards to my family. Every donation helps even if it feels like only a little bit.


beautiful buttons. I hope you keep them and make something special with them. I would. I did gather a few bits from the charity shops this week. I will blog about them in a little while. I also listed a little matroyska fabric doll in my etsy shop to sell for the Red Cross Earthquake and Tsunami Fund. I don't know if she will sell but she has been added to a few treasuries so maybe someone will buy her so a bit of money can help those in need.


Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Some of my best sales in California were in Palo Alto & Redwood City. I would have gone more often, but had a hard time with the drive. I love everything you found!


Still no sales to speak of locally for me. 2 thrift shops did have clothing clearances though. For $3 we could fill a small plastic grocery bag. While many people were trying to stuff in sweaters and jackets, I picked up several new with tags infants outfits. Hopefully I can sell each for a few dollars, a bargain to someone else, and use the funds to shop again.


I loved reading about your thrifting adventures down in my area, but I am wondering where you get all your rummage and estate sale notices. Craigslist has not been coming through for me with that information lately, even if I search for estate or rummage in the south bay. Should I be looking at newspapers too? Glad you enjoyed your traveling thrift adventure. And the lace museum! Isn't that place so unexpected and cool?

Selena Cate

Well it was sort of funny how I came to learn about the Rummage Sale. I was in a thrift store of all places in Sonoma when I heard on the radio about the largest garage sale on earth rummage sale. I heard that San Jose was mentioned so I did a quick search on my phone and found the dates and info. I usually look at the newspaper, notice boards and craigslist to find sales. This one though was purely by chance.


I think I have stuff I can offer to you for selling in the store.

Let's see
An old thermos?
Some lace and sewing notions
Oh fabric?

Also I really want to talk to you about selling at the antique/flea market(I sound so stalkerish don't I)
EMAIL ME ...:)

Linda@Coastal Charm

I'm watching the news about Japan right now and my heart is breaking for all of them. Thanks for hosting:)


In the Hammock Blog

You're doing a really great thing for Japan this week.


What gorgeous buttons. And the milliner's stands are divine.

Japan - it's just too much.


That music box is pretty awesome. Does it play a western tune? Anyway - I'm a new reader, and a new blogger. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in my first thrift share Monday! You've also inspired me to open an etsy store - I've already had a couple of sales and am very excited about it. Thanks!


The buttons are gorgeous Selena, I can just imagine them adorning some lovely old costume.
Just listening to the radio 4 news about the discovery of communities that have been completely laid to waste in Japan. The news about the power plant is terrible. They may be a rich country but without a doubt they still need financial support from the rest of the world. Well done for doing something.

Music Boxes

That music box was a real find for that price!!


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