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March 20, 2011



The letter press machine seems like it was totally worth standing your ground cool are those letters?!?! The colors in the map are great too :-)


i've enjoyed your monday post again, as per usual. you make it pretty visual, your thriftng adventures, which also means a bit of traveling for me. i wonder whether any good vintage auctions are being held in belgium at all? i mean, vintage & crafty ones. i fear we just do antiques, 'old style'.
the letter press, of course, ... oh wow. the russian dolls in red are magnificent, rare design to me.


folks I have met Selena and she is a DOLL-sweet, polite and just a pleasure! Selena I'm glad you stood up for yourself, even if you had to hide afterward :)


Selena, there are some great youtube videos that show how the machine works... Great find! I think you were right to stand your ground, and I'm sure the other fellow knows it - what's the point of the machine without the stamping letters??


Good on ya! That letterpress thingy was definately worth fight the fight for. In the words of my daughter, I would have "stink-eyed" the other party till he shrivelled up in a ball.
Your finds make me want to hop on a plane to the US. You guys have some good treasures over there.


Hi Selena-you may research Akro (pronounced a-crow)marbles. They made ones out of what they called agate glass. The only reason I know this is because I passed on an Akro green agate vase because I didn't know what it was. By the time I researched it and went back it was gone. Grr.

Karen Jones - The White Approach

oooh! I sooo need a trip to the USA to go thrifting. Not sure how I would get it all home. Your bits and bobs are totally amazing. Found you via Scarlet Loves Elvis. Will follow and include your link on my Monday posts xx


I am a hobbyist printer. Right now, we are focused on all things press related. Have fun playing with your new toy. I am most jealous. I was at a sale last week and passed on TONS of foil rolls because we don't have a machine... yet. That being said, the foil rolls are out there and you can find deals on them too! Good Luck!


some really fantastic finds. And sounds like a lovely weekends despite that one idiot. love the cook book best. that would be great for crafting. *ponders*... I did a tiny bit of thrifting mostly today. will attempt to do some blogging when I have caught up on house work and started in on the 150 cards i need to make this week for the studio.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Great finds Selena! The letterpress thing was definitely yours; glad you defended yourself! Thank you for all your tips and info on selling -- they are quite helpful! I know you sell on a few different online sites; I was wondering how you decide what to put where? I'm having trouble figuring that out, and the options for ebay just make things worse (buy it now, starting price, etc.).


I love going to yard sale/estate sales in the homes of world travelers. Two weekends ago I went to one with many objects from Japan, I didn't buy much but I love looking at all of it.


Looks like you had a great weekend. Well done for standing your ground over that amazing machine. You'll have such fun crafting with all those letters I'm sure.


did you get all the plastic beads and sequin supplies for making Christmas ornaments? They make a good lot. I love good beaded ornaments. they can be so pretty all together.


I came across a very similar stamping machine recently. It was much cuter than the one you bought-- if thats possible :-P This one was a hand crank press that had a small drawer with letters & numbers. I image it was used for pricing stickers-- as it had a roll of small square stickers going through the machine-- it had a self inking pad that priced each one as it went through the machine. Super adorable... but it was priced at $40. She said she'd go down to $35.... I should have offered her $20. What did you pay for yours? Do you think I should go get this one? It was at a yard sale... which she has all the time, so I imagine it'd still be there amongst all the plastic JUNK. If nothing else, it sure was cute! lol

Let's Go Thrifting!

I'm glad you you won that little battle for you letter stamping machine. It looks to be a great find. I also love that candle, very elegant.

<3 Jackie


I LOVE everything!!! This has to be one of your best weekends ever! I'm inspired to get back at it after seeing your finds (: Hopefully Mr. "Hoodie" (I know exactly who you are talking about) will get over the letter machine ordeal--what a jerk. Have a great week!


I'm glad you won! That's a neat find along with all the other stuff you got too! As for the marbles, I don't know to much about them, but I do remember seeing an episode on Pickers where Frank was haggling over some. I'd say it's something to definitely look into! Anyway, I hope you have a great day!

amy zimmer

Selena 1, Bullies 0.


I smiled when i saw the nesting christmas tree/santa/snow man. i have the exact same set that i bought in a flea market in Kiev in 2003. i bring it out each Christmas along with my huge St. Nicholas collection and it makes me smile every time. great find.
i agree with everyone else about standing your ground. being polite and kind doesn't mean you have to be a door mat. it's a cool machine - i hope you'll post photos of creations made with it once you've figured it out.

i'm on holidays this week and hope to do some thrifting where i've never thrifted before. last week i found some shamrock covered Vans for $3 that were in my size. just in time for St. Patrick's day. you can see a photo of them on my St. Pat's post on my blog. I'm also going to figure out how to link to other blogs from mine so i can share you with my readers! i love your blog, Selena!


I love that candle, and the little basketball. You have a good eye!


My parents had a Kingsley machine when I was little. They had a flea market booth on the weekends. From what I remember, they stamped playing cards, matchbooks, napkins and Christmas cards. I think the letters have to be lined up upside-down and backwards. Have fun with it!

Nostalgic in Maine

Love the Swedish growth chart! Also, thanks for sharing your poignant story about the letter press. I am so glad you stood your ground :-)

BTW, how do I add the socalled Thrift Share Monday button to my blog? Still new at this, but I saw somebody else's blog where they said they hadn't figured it out either - so it's not just me who's clueless, lol.

I have started to look forward to Monday mornings just to read your blog and see what everyone else found over the weekend too.

Have a nice week ahead!

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

Wow, lots of cool finds. How fun! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week!

sweet european dreams

Congrats on standing your ground! I'm completely non-confrontational, but I would have done the same as you if I knew I were first in line for a vintage treasure! Looks like you got some great deals - I especially love that growth chart - too cute! -diane

Linda@Coastal Charm

Thanks so much for hosting the party.


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