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March 20, 2011



I love Russian nesting dolls too! I have two of them (one all set out, and one nested up) above my kitchen sink just now. And maps and mercury beads. Sigh... And I have a whole set of old basketballs like that, although most of mine aren't gold. Good for you for not letting a bully back you away from the letterpress! My sister lives in Santa Rosa, so I always think of her when I read your posts. Happy thrifting!

Robin ;-)

Love the foil press! I love all types of typeset so that was indeed a great find. I am wondering if your "unknown" basketball charm is from a letterman's jacket? It is pretty cool.


Great finds and good for you to "win" that letter press. Some people think a big mouth gets them anywhere. You've written about mercury glass before, but perhaps you can explain what's so special about it? Sometimes I see similar beads but I just never know if it's the real kind or why it's special so I never buy it.
That Betty Crocker cookbook looks so cool! I especially love the pink cake on the cover, yummmm.


In the Hammock Blog

how cute is that grow chart!! sounds like you found a lot of great items this weekend!

such excellent estate sale grabs. love me some estate sale mornings!
chelsea @

Rose campion

About twelve years ago, I worked in a Christian bookstore and used a device like your foil press machine to personalize Bibles.

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