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March 18, 2011



I do not see a way to link up this week but my post actually says I am not available to continue at this time.

I have had some wonderful conversations with people about this, and received a fantastic gift from Leah, another "trader" but I wish you all well and would like to see someone barter it big.

Selena Cate

Thanks for letting me know. Im so tired that I completely forgot to add the Link box! :-) Its up now.
xoxo Selena

Amy Zimmer

We decided we are a family about experiences not stuff. (My 16 year old might balk--yet she is the one in Ghana now, because we cashed in all of our frequent flyer miles on her--80,000 of them!) So, we go with cars with 160,000 miles on them so our kids can go to camp. My kids cut my hair and I shop resale so they can go to a Glee concert in Sacramento, courtesy of dad. (Dad NEVER buys new clothes, resale or that is taking thrifty just too darn far...)
Good luck with the exchanges...I sure am having fun! Can I have the kids April 3 for Camelot? xo A


NO to the Anthro buttons. I have purchased three shirts from their super discount rack because of missing buttons. $8 shirt and five minutes replacing a button already provided for me on the extra's card... Don't mind if I do.


Oh! Yes! You said the magic words..."trade for massage"!! So, now my wheels are turning LIKE MAD!! I'm making a wish list & checking it twice!


Just discovered your blog. What a fabulous idea! Unfortunately, I am rarely so prudent as to blog at a given moment in time, but if I do I will try to participate. I am definitely a reuse, recycle kind of person. I also give, give, give away to my friends and family--so much so that I drive my husband crazy. My clothes (and as much of my kids' clothes as I can get away with-2 of them are popular teenagers) rarely cost more than $1 a piece, and my shoes are usually $7.99 or less, although I don't buy shoes very often. My husband walks to work 4 blocks from home and rents an office above a local dentist. Because he rents from the dentist, it turns out that we also get free dental care. Sweeeet!! I love the barter system!! Looking forward to reading more of your blog when I have time for blog browsing again. Good stuff!

Airline Miles

Speaking of "BARTER",I ask my sister what she want to barter and she said,CAR into a house and lot.


Good luck and hopefully a new item to Barter. yours truly
gillette shavers

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