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March 02, 2011



That red paperclip story is fascinating! I'm a huge fan of bartering and although I haven't done a lot of it IRL, I've done hundreds of swaps online. It's almost always been a fantastic experience. So I think I'm in, but I've got to give this some serious thought re: what, etc.

PS - Very timely post. I've been giving some thought to swapping/bartering again lately.


i think i'm going to consider this too. i also have to think about it quite seriously though, what i have that i can barter with - i realize i could start with a paper clip but i think i might have some other things of value...!! can't wait for your friday post!


hey one more question, just to clarify: by signing up, it doesn't mean that we would only be trading up with each other, we are trading with those who contact us on our own blogs, right?

Selena Cate

Yes that is correct. In fact the more outside people that get involved the better. That is why this is open to your own community whether its where you live or your own blog readers. And hopefully when they are at ATG and see all of the bloggers taking party, they will visit all of your blogs and make offers.
xoxo Selena


Selena, this a great idea! Geez. Come to think it, I haven't bartered with anyone since the switching of grade school lunches. This sounds fun, though! Now I just have to think of some interesting trades. Hmm.

Kay S

sounds awesome...must start a blog, lol. I've got a couple of days, right? I so want to do this!


Love this idea! I've already started photographing things I want to barter!


Well I definitely have a TON of things I can barter away, and not always asking for anything "better" in return, just different.

I will have to give this idea some thought.

You say you want a LONG ride in a DeLorean. Would you consider a FAST ride? A ride at high speed? I love a challenge and may still know a few autoracers in CA...

If you see me put out feelers on FaceBook, try not to read the responses.


How do we get around the income tax ramifications? Hate to bring it up, but bartering is a taxable activity. HATE IT! Just wondering if anyone knows?

I can think of so many things we either need or want, mostly to do with our old house. Love this idea!

Selena Cate

Great question Jeanie and eye opening. If there are any tax experts out there please feel free to weigh in.


What a great post! I've always wanted to give bartering a go..need to find something to get started with!


Have you checked the forums at ? There is a thriving online bartering community operating in the forums there. Although it is primarily a coupons/rebates site, there are a lot of other items that are traded (check out the "bargains" forum in particular).

Click here

I cut the mounting plate off of the horizontal tank and placed it on the vertical tank. I had completed plumbing everything and was ready to test.

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