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April 26, 2011



When we were visiting my inlaws in India, we took the train from Delhi to my dh's hometown. We booked the entire cabin for our family. My kids LOVED IT. Of course when we travelled with inlaws to another city in the day train, they wanted the spacious bunks cabin back..:)

I had looked into travelling by Amtrak here but it was really expensive because of renting a car when we reached our destination


i love train travel too. i still dream of taking a train across Canada. we traveled by train alot in Europe when we lived there when we were first married, 25 years ago. it was such a great way to travel.
what a cool museum! i love it when a museum has docents who make history come alive. it sounds like that's exactly what you had!


Balboa Park in San Diego has some great museums. One of my favorites is their Model Train Museum. Magical.


That is a wonderful museum! We have a little train museum down here in Southern Lomita, it is sweet and the people who run it are sweet, but it is tiny. I love the Gene Autry Museum, it is a wonderful museum of Western history and they have a great children's room! The J. Paul Getty is also wonderful, both the Malibu site and the new site.

Into Vintage

I moved away from CA six years ago and I have not 'felt at home' since. California, good or bad, is the only place in all the places I've lived where I truly felt a sense of place. I was just in the Train Museum in February and loved it -- especially the car with all the amazing china. So happy you were able to get there with your kids. I'm also a big fan of the SF MOMA.

Brandy Barris

I am sooooo glad that you were able to make it. I was also happy that I could help to redeem Sac after the bad KOA experience. :) It was really nice to meet you in person after reading the blog for so long. If you would like, let me know when you plan on coming back, and if it's a weekend we'll get you on the excursion train. I think the kids would love it, especially when it's pulled by the steam engine.
Take Care! :)


I LOVE that train museum. We almost always go there when we visit Sacramento - and Old Sac is so much fun too:)
Glad to see your vacation did finally shape up. Hope your birthday was awesome!

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