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April 05, 2011



Yum, coffee! Just the smell is so comforting. I drink green tea (ogicha right now, which tastes like an oolong, but is cheaper) a few times a day and plenty of water.

My coworker left an espresso machine in my office, so on rare occasion when I simply cannot focus I brew a perfect espresso the way he taught me and add a mini container of creamer to it. Yum! I notice I don't crash from cafe bustello espresso like I would with drip coffee, and it helps me focus almost immediately.

Again, yum! :) I'll try your way one day, been meaning to since I read the first post back in 2008!


I have all those symptoms exactly! I wish there was a way I could try the coffee without buying the system. Is there a makeshift way to try it? It sounds wonderful!

Amy Zimmer

half 50-50 coffee and half half n' half. tee-hee Amy


I am so getting one of those. I love coffee and have a Cuisinart automatic grind and brew. I'm betting this is even better than that. I'm like you always had a love/hate relationship. Sometimes coffee is my worst enemy. Really excited to try something new!


Your post makes me want to start drinking coffee. I don't drink coffee but have always loved the smell of it so Im sure i'd get addicted if I started. lol


i gave up coffee a couple of years ago for the same reason you did - i just found the acidity of the beans (even though we use high quality, fair trade beans) left me with stomach aches. i actually went to a naturopath as well and discovered that my stomach had stopped producing acid (long story). i drink seattle's market spice tea every morning which i adore, but i LOVE coffee and sip a bit from my hubby's mug before i hand it to him. i think i'm totally going to try this - maybe i'll try the home-made system you mention in your initial article first before i invest in a filtron! great post!

Jacqueline Valenti

I drink coffee all the time, I love,love, love it! I'm surprised that until now, I had never heard of a coffee concentrate, so thank you for sharing! I'm going to have to try it out in the near future.

And as for the half and half, your coffee is nowhere near as bad as my best friends; the girl puts, like, 20 packets of sugar per cup, plus cream! I always ask if she'd like some actual coffee with that! Lol


I drink chai and I wanna run out and buy this system :)

There is one Ebay currently listed. hmm

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy

hrmmmmm, this is quite interesting. and it seems i may be on the same lines as you with the side affects of drip coffee and the cold-turkey quit and such. this has me thinking....

Teresa Raines

I gave up coffee when my hot flashes began to make my head feel like it was going to explode. I drink green tea most of the time now, but sometimes on Sunday I'll have a half cup of black coffee just because I love it so. Do I miss it. Not really. I feel so much better not drinking it anymore.


Wow!! This is brand new information to me. I am so interested in the DIY cold brewer. I love coffee, but over time, I like it less black and more milky. Maybe this is the ticket :)


My SIL turned us on to the Toddy maker. It makes amazing coffee and as an added bonus it's made in the USA and only $35 on Amazon.


lavazza coffee is my favourite. I do love an iced latte from Starbucks though it is a much more bitter roast that lavazza which is much smoother and sweeter and less bitter. Can you make cold press coffee in a french press?


I would just like you to know I found FAT FREE half & half the other day. I live in Virginia and it was the store's brand (the grocery store Martin's if you possibly have them where you are. Look out for it!


I've never heard of this type of coffee making before; how intriguing! The idea of completely acid-free coffee sounds divine.
I just switched to Chemex coffee making for its less acidic end result. I prefer it to regular automatic drip coffee, although it too uses the drip method.
I always have my coffee with honey! Honey really makes the coffee come alive. A jolt of cream to smooth it out, and I'm a happy girl. I'll make my own latte, too, if I'm feeling fancy.

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