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April 12, 2011



Yelp has been a savior for me since moving to CA. Haven't been to Sacramento yet, but Yelp under "Local Flavor" is maybe one of the 1st places I'd start my search. Have a great trip!


Hi Selena,
I've been in Sacramento my whole life and can offer a few suggestions. One of my favorite thrift stores is Deseret Thrift on Auburn Blvd. There is also a great SPCA thrift on I think E St. & 11th in downtown Sacramento. I believe you are staying in West Sac and there is a Goodwill there but I've never been to that one. Lots of Goodwills in town and a couple of outlets.

A great place to have a picnic is Discovery Park. I haven't been there in years but my family use to picnic there as a kid.

Old Sacramento is great to wander around with lots of shops and there is a Railroad Museum there. My kids loved going there when they were little.

Sutter's Fort is downtown. Admission to Sutter's Fort is $5 for adult and $3 for children. Another great place.

Near the Deseret thrift store on Auburn is the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center which is also on Auburn Blvd. Admission is $5 for adult and $3 for children 4-12. I've never been there but looks interesting.

Feel free to email if you have any questions.



If you are heading up Interstate 80 (towards Reno) there is a brand new Goodwill outlet that is between the Madison and Greenback exits. Its maybe 15 minutes from downtown. Also on the Madison exit (a mile or so off the freeway) is the BEST mexican food restaurant Garcia's. They have happy hour in the bar with plenty of booths so you won't feel like you have your kids in a bar. The nachos are $4 and are huge enough to feed three. Enjoy your mini vacation!


If the estate sale you are going to is on Riverside get ready for quite a crowd. Normally on the weekend sales, not sure of the Tuesday sales as I haven't been to one of those, the 2nd day will be 50% off and then $5 a box and then free. You may want to ask if there will be discounts on the 2nd day.


sounds like a lovely adventure to be had. Hope the children behave and that you find some lovely items to share with us.


If you are around until the weekend Denio's Farmers Market and Swap Meet out in Roseville is fun. Last time I was in Sacramento I went to a few Estate Sales and they were pretty good. Have fun!

Leah - MoxieThrift on Etsy

I would totally love to go on a couple day thrift outing. and staying in frugal places sounds delightful too! it's all about who you are with, after all.

have fun!

Into Vintage

I'd suggest the Train Museum too - it's fascinating. I used to shop at Thrift Town in Sacramento -- I think there are three of them. Hope you have some beautiful weather while you're there.

Stacey Ball

You should go to the new Goodwill Outlet! It's off of I-80 and Madison Ave behind the Ford dealership. You pay for everything by the pound and can score VERY cheap things! Thrift Town is also great.

I live in Sacramento so if you need any info/directions/etc please let me know!


Desseret Thrift for sure!


I wish I could recommend something for you. Enjoy your vacation! I can't -wait- for mine which starts next week!


Love love that suitcase!


I hope you have a great thrifting vacation. :D I could use a little time off myself. I guess we all could use it in these crazy times of ours. Campfires and sleeping in a tent, I always wished I could do that as a kid. It sounds so much like something out of Nancy Drew.


sounds like you've already got some great suggestions. i googled "sacramento travel on a budget" and got this website that has 8 things to do for free:
sounds like some of these have already been suggested like the railroad stuff. sounds like a cool place! hope you have a wonderful time, look forward to hearing about it!


Hope you guys have some fun family time....Look forward to seeing what you find!


sounds like fun!! have a wonderful adventure! ;)


Haven't been there in quite a while, but I do know that there is a Jelly Belly Factory on I-80 about halfway to Sacramento...rumour has it that after the walking tour, there is a room for the belly rejects that might be mishapen, etc. and that they are for sale at a reduced price. They call them 'belly aches'. Gotta love it. I included the link just in case you're interested...might be really fun for the kids and it's free. Have a great trip! Sounds like a ball.


You will have a great time as usual (: I'm not much help with the "frugal tourist" thing as I've never done it before...sorry. Nonetheless a tour of the thrift stores sounds fun! Excited to see what you find.

rental elf

Nice article, thanks for the information.


Hi Selena,
I sent you a message through the contact button. I hope you see it. I am in Sac and I sent you info on the Railroad's hoping you see it. Happy Thrifting!!!!


Hi Selena,
i have been lurking on your site for sometime and have never left a comment. I live in Sac and love to thrift too. I used to live in the Bay Area and think personally the shops are better but there are a few good ones here. I would check out JK sale on Fri and Sat the CJ look amazing and the resale profit could be $$. The WSac, Watt Ave, Carmichael, Antelope, and Douglas Blvd Goodwills are the best. The other ones are too picked over. I would love to hang out with you next time you visit. -J

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