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April 20, 2011


Amy Zimmer

Looking good! Darling even. Great colors. Neat idea.


they could totally sell. i think they would look lovely in a boy's room or library (for their masculine retro feel)
the lower on the left it's my favourite

Leah - MoxieThrift on Etsy

I think they could sell. I tried doing that with embroidery circles for a craft fair and didn't have much luck. but then again I didn't display them very well either. So, I'm chalking it up to that. I think they are great!


Love, love, love the vintage fabric on frames. I would sell them in sets of 6. Looks like something that would be at Crate and Barrel. Very clever!


I think they would also be good if a person wanted to save a special fabric?..Maybe you could offer custom made frame/s?


I always enjoy your blog and I thank you for sharing such great ideas.

I think the vintage fabric on frames is a great idea, especially in a grouping.


S this is a wonderful idea -- i have many little scraps of fabric (aide memoire) that would be fun to display/arrange/rearrange :D


I think they look great. Some vintage buttons on some would really make the set pop. You could sell as sets for boys and girls for a nursery, .... How about making some with vintage embroidered towels for the kitchen or laundry, perhaps in a little larger size. Just a couple thoughts, but love them as is too! :D


Those are awesome! I think they'd definitely sell, especially in little groupings. Love love love.


I think they would sell depending on the price? Maybe offer a discount if buying more. One for $3 two for $5 kind?

When's your fair?


Hi! I've just started reading back through your posts to catch up and read the one about the sale of your house and your interest in prosperity. I played a prosperity game online and you might like that. I got distracted by something else, but I think I will go back and play some more. It's free. You get a "check" from the Universe in increasing amounts and spend them for things that are pure fun. I really enjoyed it.

You have wonderful ideas and so much energy. I think you'll create what you desire and even more. Best wishes!


Is there a way to attach them together? Maybe offer them as a 3D installation in the style of a crazy quilt? Like sets of 9? Just thinking out loud;)


Gorgeous... great idea!


What a great deal on the frames and very nice idea for using them. There are so many great fabrics that make one happy just to look at. I can relate to wishing I had picked up more of something, but sometimes you have to restrain yourself.
Maybe to sell, you can embellish some with something simple over the fabric, centered on the frame, either a silhouette or small trinket. I have something similar on which I display my collection of pins from events I worked.

To sell I would display some horizontal and some vertical. Buyers like to be shown options.

סידור בתים

Lovely tutorial regarding Framing Vintage Fabric. I like to framing with fabric. I never found such a great and amazing tutorial.

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