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April 15, 2011



Oooh, that manager is a big twerp! I don't normally resort to name-calling but poor customer service with an attitude drives me crazy. I'm really glad you all ended up having a good time. :)

Rebecca D

Yikes. I've heard bad things about this particular KOA in the past. However, last year someone told me that they had cleaned up their act. Apparently not.

Friends have raved staying here:



WOAH-- that is ridiculous! Kitchen implies a place to cook, other than a microwave, and they know it. That impersonal e-mail seals the deal for me, too. Obviously they don't care. If I'm ever in that area, I definitely won't be staying there!

I'm glad despite the insanity, the vacation ended on a happy note. Next week I'm excited to be going on an amazing vacation to Philly and then Vegas!

Happy early birthday, too :)


What we have found although it is time consuming, is to call in complaints going to the highest person available to speak to. Sometimes they are unreachable too. Sorry for your horrible experience but glad it ended well later on.


well first of all, Happy Birthday, Selena! and kudos to Dave for coming through the way he did. you deserve it - and so do your kids. i'm glad the vacation was redeemed. holy smack, that manager sounds like... well, words that shouldn't be said on public blogsites. you did the right thing. we've discovered something here that we've used a few times for holidays: you plug in the area/city you want to go, the details you'd like (like bed size, swimming pool, etc.) and the amount of money you can spend and they find you a variety of hotels to choose from. the kicker is, you don't know exactly which hotel it is until you pay. you know the starred rating of it but that's it. we haven't been disappointed so far and have stayed in some luxury hotels in vancouver for a fraction of the regular price of the hotel room. i have a friend who also has to cook gluten free and she will google "gluten free restaurants in sacramento" or wherever she's going and sees what she can find. here in BC, it's becoming more common to see gluten and dairy free items on menus and restaurants are more aware of cross contamination too. it's by no means the norm, but it's getting better.
if you ever decide to travel to BC, let us know and we'll help you find a thrifty place to stay!


Happy Birthday! I'm sorry you had such a terrible incident with the manager at the campground. I find more and more that customer service is a thing of the past. Drives me crazy!


happy birthday, sweet mama!! sorry about your bad experience. good for you that you shared it in this space! i wish i had more solutions to affordable travel accommodations, too. i am going to check out the link to waldorf home exchange. thanks!


Wow, that is horrible! I hope you can find somewhere better to stay next time. What about a State Park?

Leah - MoxieThrift on Etsy

WHOA. i had a somewhat similar sort of experience with the hotel that we reserved for wedding guests. it was seriously unbelievable. glad you made the most of it. the kids will remember how you reacted more than anything, and it sounds like you handled it well.


Hey, Selena, Happy Birthday! Last weekend Dave & I stayed at Orr Hot Springs. As soon as I turned off the light, I heard critters rummaging around in a paper bag that had food in it. Every time I turned on the light, they vanished. Finally at 1:30am, I packed up any food in our cabin and walked it down to the community kitchen. Came back, laid down, and saw two rats run criss-cross across the floor. When I complained, one person was nice about it, and the other tried to explain to me that "this is the country, and there are critters around." Well, I live in the country, and I don't have rats in my house! We didn't ask for our money back, but oopsie, guess what, they accidentally undercharged us, and do you think I told them? NO! :)


Ooh, I would be so mad! I am so with you on the gluten free thing, I also need to eat special. In n Out saves me. My b/f and I have thought about renting an RV in the past and then staying at a campground with a hook up. Never have looked at prices though.....


Sorry to hear about your problems with KOA, glad your trip worked out fine in the end though. Just want to wish you a very happy birthday - hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend.


So sorry, that kind of awful person can really get you in a knot...I never understand why people who are supposed to be in a "people" oreinted job....hate their jobs or have no people skills! My saying to those usually goes "if you dislike your job so much - get another one - might I suggest collections? You can use your negative energy there!" I am so excited now to find out we have the same Birthday! I joke to my husband about having some wierd same mindedness as you, and now I know why! Happy Birthday to us! All I asked my hubby for was to be able to go out tomorrow to do some estate sales and junking for as long as I wanted and he couldn't comment on what I brought home!


Sorry about the frustrating experience- But I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Linda @ A La Carte

How frustrating! I hate bad customer service and even worse someone who won't let it go. Glad you got to a decent place. I also try to travel on a budget and it's hard!! Good Luck. Linda

IveGoneMod Vintage

Happy birthday Selena! I'm sooo not above name-calling in this kind of scenario. What a complete jerk! The fact that he couldn't stop himself from the continual mouth dribble is evidence enough that he knew how bad the 'kabin' was, but that he was desperately trying to get his co-worker to validate his words. Nice try...NOT! I had a similar experience in Boulder CO when moving my son to college. I walked into the room and it looked like a bad ski hotel that I might've crammed into with 5 other girls...20 years ago. Cigarette burns on the counter, V-shaped bed with hairs on the sheets (major ewww), a perpetually running toilet and though it was a non-smoking facility, apparently everyone was sneaking ciggies in the closet. I gagged when I walked in. Reduced to tears, I called the first hotel that came up on Google. They gave me a beautiful, upgraded room with granite counters, free breakfasts and enough kindness to soften the blow. The best part was that they charged me exactly $10 more per night than the 'chalet'. Nice people still exist! So glad that Dave made it right for you...I hope you enjoyed your getaway despite the drama. Have a lovely weekend :) ~Robin

P.S. Have you tried VRBO (vacation rental by owner)...we've had amazingly good luck with this site.


Happy advance birthday, Selena...hope your weekend is grand! I've had huge success with for vacation rentals. All sorts of price ranges...all sorts of locations and always a kitchen! :) Another interesting 'hotel' mini-chain is McMenamins...I think mostly in Oregon, but always in very cool old historic buildings!


ugh. what a drag! i'm sorry you had to endure all of that! i can't wait to hear all about your birthday weekend!

Del Owen

Happy Birthday, Selena! I'm sending you positive thrifting karma for your birthday. I'm very proud of the way you handled yourself, and so happy that Dave took care of you & your family by booking you into the Marriott. As for that KOA guy...what he puts out there will come back to bite him in the behind...or maybe it already has & he just can't figure it out.
Anyway, have a wonderful birthday weekend!

Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

Sorry your Birthday celebrations didn't turn out how you planned. What an ordeal. As a night manager in a retail environment, I would have bent over backwards to satisfy loyal customers. I could never imagine speaking to someone that way. And you must be a way better person than me, as I would told that guy where to stick his "half-kitchen!"


So sorry to hear about your experience. What an idiot that man is. We had a similar experience on our honeymoon years ago in one particular bed and breakfast in Edinburgh that we had thankfully only booked for one night. There were horrid nylon sheets on the bed and in the bath was a handwritten sign saying please don't use the bath. In the morning the owner cooked breakfast with a cigarette hanging from her lips telling lurid tales of her time as an A and E nurse and amputations!
Hope you have a very happy birthday. Bx


Sounds horrible. KOA doesn't strike me as a "vacation" place anyways, more like a "nightmare". Happy you ended up at a hotel. Have a great birthday!


that is crazy and extremely unfortunate. my hubby and I had a very similar experience at a KOA - we went there because we wanted to get away and they advertised WiFi, which my husband truly needed for his medical studies. and it didn't work. he asked for a small refund because of this, and the manager behaved stunningly like the manager in your experience. the whole "you're in nature, you don't need Wifi", and many other lame things were said... long story short we got some vouchers, and we have been to other pleasant KOA's since... but man, I don't understand why people in service industries think they can behave like that. it's not helping ANYONE. I'm sorry it made for such an unpleasant experience for you.


My heart aches for you; I know how you feel - it is so frustrating to be in this situation and feel like you have no recourse - AND in front of the children!

I'm glad you were able to salvage your mini vacation and your little guy looks so happy by the pool.

I second the recommendation about VRBO!


Sorry you had a bad experience, sounds like the guy was having a really bad day and bad manners too!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many many congrats from sunny Amsterdam!!


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