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April 10, 2011



I -love- the cups and desk, Cerys' room is so pretty! Your estate sale story reminds me of an estate sale I randomly strolled into in a trailer park. The first drawer of a dresser had pornos. The guy hosting the yard sale walked in and I slyly closed the drawer! haha!


so i will add to the list of people who complimented you on your choice of painting by numbers, er, banner. it is a stunner!!!


That desk is fabulous. Is that a drop leaf on the side?
There is an antique store near me with a vintage porn cabinet. It has lots of signs telling people what's in there so no one is surprised!


I love that desk!!! Was it an estate sale find? Very nice -


Wonderful finds - that desk is gorgeous. Also, wanted to say I think your new banner is fab-u-lous.


ND is one of all time favorite movies and, oddly enough, I also found items this past week (bracelets that say "Vote for Pedro" (I once had a long-term boyfriend named Pedro and the movie made it a long-term joke among my friends). Anyway, it is definitely a "you have to have the right sense of humor to get it" type of movie, but I love it!

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

What a wonderful desk - I love it!


Hey Lovey....!!

I'm GLAD you had a decent weekend Treasure Hunting....!! I LOVE the cups you found....I actually collect those so if you're going to list them will you let me know....My preference is for the floral ones as opposed to the stripey ones though....!!

Cerys' desk looks WAY COOL....I WISH my desk looked HALF as stylish & organised....!

Have a WONDERFUL week....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


Looooove the desk.

I loved Napolean Dynamite. It definitely is a different movie not appreciated by all types but it celebrates being different. Not being "normal" which I think you might like from what I've learned about you from your blog.

ana @ i made it so

hi selena, it's been a long time since i've been able to share here. even when i don't, i often read along and enjoy your posts. thanks for hosting this!

as for your finds, those mugs are right up my alley!

my thrifty closet

the desk is so beautiful and only $10! Lovely fabric finds too. Thanks for hosting!

I love your new banner.
Thanks for hosting this party.
I lost my house due to foreclosures. I had to sell or giveaway my teak furniture, kitchenware and moved to a different state. I've learned to streamline my life. These days I focus my thrifting on clothing items only. In the event I had to move again, I figured I just pack and shove them in a car and drive away.
I truly enjoy reading and browsing other thrifters blog. Thanks again.



Love the desk! I also love ND, but it is a different kind of movie. It's worth noting that he does shop at the thrift store! It also implies that if you live in Idaho, you are somehow in a time warp where 80's bad hair and moon boots are


I really like the desk and the mugs. :)
Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite movies. The first time I watched it I didn't like it too much, but then little things from the movie start to stick out in my mind. I watched it a second time and loved it.


I would have felt very uncomfortable at the "weapons" estate sale. I don't blame you for leaving quickly! You scored at the other sale, though. Love that desk!!!


Yikes! I think I would have stepped in and out of that weapons/adult themed estate sale pretty quickly. :/ Not my cup of tea (says the girl who picks up childrens toys and books)!


Oh what a lovely desk you bought! I am on the lookout for one like that too, with drawer space and lovely lines. What a score!


That is a fabulous desk! It goes great with your home's style. And what a great price! I'm heading to southern CA this summer and hope to find a few decent estate sales while I'm there. You've proven that CA has some of the best bargains I've ever seen!

Lisa G.

Cerys, you are one lucky girl, that is the coolest desk ever!


I'm with the others - that desk is amazing. What a find. We've just moved stuff around to give my girl a new desk for studying but I wish I'd found one like yours - such character! Love the new banner too. It's from the paint by numbers you found recently I think? Bx

Ellen Patton

We had those mugs! Only in golden tones. Happy thrifting!!

Nostalgic in Maine

The thrift store scene alone is reason enough to watch Napoleon Dynamite. Not many movies that include thrift store shopping :-)

Too funny about the adult-themed estate sale. That kind of set-up would creep me out way more than any hoarder's house.

Love the desk!

amy zimmer

The desk is gorgeous! and I love the lamp too. xo A

amy zimmer

PS I like the swirls under the desk, DH gave me the demo!

Vicki K

Cerys' desk is great! And I want to add to the Banner Love - such great colors! That first sale sounds rather creepy!

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