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April 04, 2011



I LOVE the fabric, bookcase, hell, everything you found this weekend. Love how you filled the tap dispenser with kawaii Japanese tape too, they work well together!

Just goes to show you, when you encounter a miss with thrifting, it's often followed by a huge win.

my thrifty closet

what a wonderful fabric haul! And only $5? Unbelievable!
Thanks for hosting once again. Have a great week!

Carrie @ Junque Magnet

Love those Dream Pets.Flocked velvet - be still my beating heart!I've found a couple here and there over the years.Enjoy.

Vintage Scapes

Vintage fabric is so charming and fun! Glad your thrifting week took a turn for the better!


Clothes patterns for trolls? Awesome! When I was little I made clothes for my trolls. I made them vests (i.e. a small piece of rectangular fabric with two holes cut in for the arms). Can't say I was destined for the fashion or design world that's for sure! :)

Molly D

oh my goodness. after the $100+ I spent on my vintage paint by number collection last week I am SO jealous of your finds!!!


I'm loving all your goodies. I remember that troll pattern. I could spend hours making little clothes from squares of felt. Those paint by number pictures are wonderful!


The yard sales here yielded absolutely nothing!!! I guess I'll just envy your finds until next weekend!!! Those patterns are great!!!


YES! My first etsy sale was a simplicity pattern for troll doll's seasonal costumes. I got $40 for it, but I think I would price it a bit higher if I had a do-over.

I've never seen dream pets before. They are the cutest things ever!


great book case = and trixie belden! a soul-mate! i still have half a dozen trixie belden books that i bought with my allowance as a child. they're like 35 years old. i LOVED trixie and because of her i developed a fascination for horses, which was hilarious because i lived in an apartment as a child and couldn't understand why we couldn't own a horse. thanks for the trip down memory lane!

the lazy peacock

wow, what great finds! i'm a new follower and i'm really enjoying reading through your old posts.


Great post, I can't believe you snagged that bookcase for only $5...are you negotiating at the sales to get the prices down? I'm shocked at the price you paid for the fabric. Also, did you know paint by numbers are supposed to sell for tons of money on Ebay? Even if someone already painted them...check it out!!! :) Good luck!


I love your finds this week. You really do finds such cool stuff. Favs have to be the fabric - I would swoon to find so much fabric at a sale, the bookcase - what a bargain, and the paintings - though my dh would probably draw the line at me putting someone elses painting by numbers on the wall!


That bookcase was a steal! I can't believe you got it for $5.00!!! Love the paint by number landscapes. You find such great things in California. Here in NY it's a lot harder to get a bargain, and not so much stuff to pick from. Great blog, and so nice to have Thrift Share Mondays. Lana


Great finds! My favorites are the tape dispenser and bookcase.

amy Zimmer

You did great! Amy


hey, i just read the post about how you and dave met. wow. that IS right out of a movie - and jane eyre brooks? holy cow! that's so awesome. i love the way you described the first kiss - so romantic. happy belated anniversary, selena!

Brenda/Granny Boo

oh yes, I remember the troll patterns. Usually they were made with felt and metal sew on snaps and there were lots of wee accessories. My Grandma Boo made me some, and my Grandma Pearl let my cousin Bambi and I make them on our own at her house. (Yes, I am vintage myself.) About a decade ago Bambi sent me a box of troll stuff, including our outfits. So fun! I am a granny now myself and have enjoyed sharing my vintage past with my grandsons. I'll have to look for those trolls. Thanks for reminding me.


I just found you today from Her Library Adventures, glad to be able to join in too.
Sounds like you had an amazing weekend thrifting. I'll be back for a read through more posts later!


You always find what I'm currently searching for??? I've been wanting to buy a bookcase or two recently and you find one for $5 - awesome! Send some of that thrifting mojo this way haha. Someday soon I will start going to estate sales instead of just thrift stores...Great finds as usual!!! (and paint by number paintings are one of my favorites) Thanks again for the inspiration...

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