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April 24, 2011



the glass tubes are a find! you could also stick single flower sprigs into each one tube, and think up a system to join the tubes. i have seen them 'glues' to a window with plastic towel hooks, even individua ones. perhaps i don't explain properly. ask me if you want a better explanation.
anyway, lovely, lovely. also those lamps...


I used to love getting those cigar tubes from my Dad when I was a kid. I have no idea what I ever did with them though. I'd keep an eye out for a test tube holder to display the tubes filled with glitter. That would be so pretty.

I love the lamps, they are so interesting!

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

Gorgeous German figures, my mum has various things I remember from childhood, especially at Christmas, they're lovely.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

That stationary is fantastic - amazing find.

Karen Jones - The White Approach

Just found you via Fiath hope and Charity shopping. Love your blog and have linked up my thrifted finds.

my thrifty closet

beautiful finds as usual. I like the candle holders and stationary set. I'm sure Keiran will love the pretty lamp.



I love these playful finds! That lamps is -amazing-, NO other word for it. I love children's book illustrations, too. This week's finds definitely have that aesthetic.


Here's an idea I recently saw for test tubes.


Those tubes are great to store glass beads and charcoal pencils too.


You always find the cutest things!!


The items you found all look so fun and like they were meant to be displayed together. :) Very cheery!


I would have been drawn to those lamps, too. How adorable!

And I am a sucker for a cigar box, too. So many things you can use them for. Two of my favorites are wooden ones that were handed down from family.



I have a feeling a 9 y/o may think the lamps too childish even if he secretly likes them. However your 9 y/o knows the value of vintage.
Until you figure out what to do with your tubes you could store them on miniature bottle trees. If you choose something wonderful to put in them permanently you can fill, then seal the top with a layer of wax.

Thanks for stopping by to commiserate.

We spent Easter out in the soggy yard, grateful the snow has melted, burning brush and garbage. Not what I had planned, but glad it is getting done.


great lamps. so cool that you found a pair! also love the candle holders. i'm curious about your comment that cyris is in "circus" - what does that mean? is it like being in gymnastics only circus themed?
i did go thrifting this weekend and found some great stuff i wanted to blog about but wordpress is giving me some trouble with uploading photos. grrr. i thrifted some craft supplies for our youth group at church so that they could create some visual/tactile meditation experiences for the Stations of the Cross over Easter weekend. it was very successful.
hope you're still feeling like you're recuperating and restoring. look forward to more thoughtful blogs from you!

Leah - MoxieThrift on Etsy

I really really love that circus paper and illustrations! Total delight.


Oh my gosh, I LOVE those lamps!!!!!!! I hope Im not being obnoxious but if you ever decide to sell one or both, will you let me know?!?!
The stationary is beautiful too as are the test tubes. You could hot glue the test tubes together onto a metal ring holder for single flowers. I got something like that at the Antique Fair ly. Very pretty but I think I only bought it to buy something, dont you hate that? I ended up putting diff sands from beaches & tiny "treasures" that my younger daughter brings home from preschool into ea tube & labelling it.

Thanks for another fun (& droolworthy) post! Mary


I love the goodies you always find! I think glitter would be just fab in the glass tubes but you just gave me a great idea for my beach sand collection :)


OH, what great finds! The writing set is just darling. I'm totally in love acquiring with stationary and paper goods, but I such a hard time actually using it, lol.

The lamps are sweet, too. So lucky to find a pair.

I would probably store beads or other crafty bits in them. I love glass storage, so you can see all the pretty stuff.

For my birthday, I thrifted a big ol' pile of yummy fabric from my fav, the legacy! Yay!


I just recently saw glass tubes tied together with a ribbon.......3-5.......used for single flowers. Nice center piece.

Amy Baldwin

I am lovin' those fabulous lamps. So cute! $15 for 2 of them? Definite score! :)


i did it!! it's not monday...even all the way across the country, but i got my post up. ;) now i better get my children breakfast and get out of here!


Great finds this week Selena - especially those lamps. What a bargain. You really do find the coolest things. Bx


I can't believe the things you find. I just don't know how you do it!

chewy bewy

oh gosh i love the writing note set!


I used a supply of glass cigar tubes to make little vases for hanging fresh flowers on our Christmas tree. Some were glittered, some decoupaged, some left plain and I hotglued a ribbon and loop to each. They hung quite nicely on the branches and each held a couple smallish carnations or one larger rose, trimmed for length.

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