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April 17, 2011



Happy Birthday! Ride that gorgeous bike in the best of health! xoxoxo


oh sweetie! i'm so glad you had such a wonderful celebration with your family. your new bike is gorgeous! i love that your mom put a bow on her forehead. surprise visits are so fun! happy monday, rae


Wow! Great bike! it almost makes me want to bike. i'm also short and have found it so hard to find a bicycle that fits my frame. i always feel like i'm teetering at great heights or reaching way in front of me for the handlebars. i'll have to give your brand a try!
sounds like you have a perfect birthday weekend! you deserve it.

Moriah B.

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful, blessed weekend. :)


Happy Birthday!! Thanks for hosting!! New to your's so fun!


I'm so glad you finally got your bike it is so cute...and a car...good things come to those who wait right? All that worrying and things worked out...because you are such great people...Glad you had such a good day...I finally got my IPOD w/camera for my b-day - I have only ever had the original (one that looked like a stick of gum) I can't wait to store the music but really can't wait for all those photo apps!


# 23 -

Why is this here? It's not even linked to the post, it's linked directly to the blog. It's not even the bloggers thrift find, but someone elses submitted photo..

And last I checked... April 11th didn't happen on the weekend!


Selena Cate

Thanks for the heads up. #23 has been deleted. Happy for them to try again with a link to their thrifty blog post. xoxo Selena


Birthday greetings! Love your bicycle! How great to get a car sans car note. The vintage fabric is beautiful too.

Leisa Dreps

That was lovingly nice of your parents to give your family their car. That car is priceless now, and quite possibly one of the most expensive things in the world, because it has a lot of love in it. Happy Birthday!

Dante Mallet

You’re new bicycle is very sexy! You must have had the greatest birthday that very day. You just had 2 new rides and celebrated it with the people you love the most. That’s really very touching!

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