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May 25, 2011


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angelika i love the leaf motif everywhere and the singer grill! it's beautiful - and I wonder why current technology/futuristic things don't have this same warmth and beauty? why does everything futuristic have to be stainless steel, sleek, cold?


Have you seen the magazine called Ready Made? It's great and has a fab blog and site. They have a 30 day challenge in June to make something everyday...doesn't matter what...just make something and then post a photo on their blog. I'm doing it for the creativity factor as well as the self promotion. Great project to do with kids too!


that car is vile--steampunk is not about hot gluing a treadle plate to the front of car, adding some rivets and gears and horns and calling it steampunk--steampunk is about building things with simple elegance AND utility-it's a lifestyle not a trend

Selena Cate

I dont know Laura, I think anyone that puts 1400 hours into their car is doing something a little more than sticking it together with hot glue. Seeing it in person, I really admired the beauty of it. Whether its Steampunk or not, I wont argue with you. But I do think that the artist behind the car certainly is passionate and creative. To me thats definitely an element of Steampunk. I found some parts of that car incredibly elegant. just my thoughts though.
xoxo Selena


To me it just screams ThunderDome!


I've seen a quilt car before but never an art car! (I have pictures of the quilt car - very cool - an actual quilt made to fit the car, windows and all.)


Is that tin ceiling? To stinking cool. If thats not steam punk I don't know what is. I've never thought of steam punk as elegant, guess it kind of is though. Anywhoo, beautiful piece of ART!!


Is that tin ceiling? To stinking cool. If thats not steam punk I don't know what is. I've never thought of steam punk as elegant, guess it kind of is though. Anywhoo, beautiful piece of ART!!


Dogsmom - that's exactly what I was thinking!!!! It reminds me of Mad Max and the Thunderdome - actually all the Mad Maxm movies. I don't know - steampunk doesn't really move me.

Jolandi Kerstetter

Yeah, DogsMom, the car does feel like something in ThunderDome. It's pretty cool, and that little Q&A board is a nice touch too. From the looks of it, a lot of work has been done in that vehicle, from top to bottom.


It's a tough looking car. It's a cool customization of a vehicle. It's quite hard to tell the exact model of the automobile, though, due to all the work done to get it steampunk'd.

Ivo Beutler

Hmm, Laura might be right about the car not being steampunk. On the other hand, it's more accurate to say that the car fits perfectly in another genre: dieselpunk, since cyberpunk would be a bit of a stretch. Labels aside, it's good a good design, and I'll take your word for it that the car looked amazing in person.

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