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May 26, 2011



ohhh I love this idea Selena! Being such a great blogger you took my vile car comment in stride. To explain myself we are trying to live a simple elegant life in the steampunk aesthetic or were trying to but it was taken over by gears, grunge and glue...we're more dieselpunk now a bit more gritty and down to earth less gears and glue

Karen Brown

Just wanted to tell you I received the Russian tablecloth from your shop so fast and I love it. Blessings.


We have one of these in Fresno/Clovis and for some reason, it wasn't attractive to me when I first came across it through Freecycle. I will think again. Thanks Selena.


I use my local moms club. I am in3 clubs and post quite a bit on there.
I will fwd my Sis that Bain ridge link.


I use Gumtree sometimes and our local free ads newspaper (online) but after reading this post have set up a yahoo group for our city. We have a massive freecycle group, my only problem is getting people to use it! I have put the link on my facebook and told people to get posting and forward the link on their fb pages. Hope it takes off!


Don't often post a comment but read every post and get lots of ideas from you. Thank you so much for sharing. Please don't let negative people or comments make you stop or change the way you blog. Thank you again for all you share as I know how busy you are yet you take the time.


Don't give up, I just found you and you help me everyday! I have been a picker for many years!

Gosh, I just lost Oprah, not you too!


I adore your blog. Somehow without even knowing you, I know you. You've become a sort of mentor to me. I recently started on the reselling route, and I don't think I would have the patience to keep going if it wasn't for the encouragement I get from reading your blog. Often I go back and read posts over and over to remind myself that trial and error is good and in time I WILL see success and I desire. Although I'm a generation behind you and I only have a 3 month old daughter, I can read your words and feel comforted because I've felt the exact same way. Ive actually been trying to think of ways to be more productive myself, and I was thinking it would be great if I had 4 arms and two brains: one for my home life and one for reselling, or just another person? I can't afford to do this, but I bet you can. Maybe find someone in your area that wants to learn that could lend a hand with whatever you see fit? Look at it as another investment, into someones life and your business? Just a thought. Thank you again.

Rohan Beata

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I am glad it was an enjoyable experience for you. I think that you should definitely do it again sometime and hopefully I will be able to make it to that one.

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