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May 10, 2011



Having snooped at the house I'm not sure its right. Its beautiful but it looks cold... perhaps the lighting is bad but I think it would be better to find a house and then build your own pool if that is what you dream of having. A teeny part of me still dreams of having a house like the one in Practical Magic. I shall poddling off and see if I can write a few of my dreams down in a blog post.

Best of wishes for all your dreams. I know you deserve to find the perfect little house in the perfect location. A place that needs a little love, family and laughter.


A house is top of my list as well. We do not have any kind of downpayment saved up and I dont know how long it will take me to do that.

I am wishing the best on your journey


Having gone thrifting with you I have seen how art pops out at you. I always thought you should have some sort of online vintage art shop (paintings, sculpture, pottery & jewelry).

I checked out the house & love it. To get that kind of property with a house that pretty much suits your needs is hard to find--as far as saving on your monthly grocery bill...every little bit helps!


i think the house if FABULOUS. so much natural light! i love the banks of floor to ceiling windows and skylights everywhere - it makes the house look like it's carved out of its location. and i think the japanese tea house is even cooler than the pool. i may post a dream share post on my blog later today. right now, back to my real job!


oh, i forgot to comment on the art. omg, selena! that's two in one week! you really do have an eye for art of value. i keep looking at art work in thrift shops and realy have no idea if it's of any value. i keep wishing i had a device that i could do research on while i was sitting in a thrift shop. so are you going to keep st. george or sell him and put the funds in your dream house bank?

Robin ;-)

It is sad that your dream house is not in the Midwest and that you would want to live there because it would probably cost about 60% less if not even less than that. It would make the dream more obtainable. With that being said, I hope you find a path to your dreams. There is always the lottery. You can't win if you don't play!

Vicki K

If you start socking money away for the dream house, you may get a revised-and-more-affordable opportunity that you could be thrilled about - and then you will have a little nest egg ready to go!


The artwork is gorgeous! How incredible that it turned out to be valuable too, kudos!
I hope you get your dreamhouse eventually. We bought our house last year & I was sad that it wasnt my Victorian dreamhouse but you know what, now I love it & cant imagine living anywhere else.
ps It had a beautiful pool that we actually just filled in for all the reasons you cited.



May your book deal not only happen, but may it come with a $90,000 advance!

And that house? It only has 2 bedrooms. Must keep looking.

Selena Cate

Oh that book deal would be nice Kim. I realize the house is 2 rooms so maybe Cerys will be sharing with her brother or stay in the tea room :-)


I agree the house only has two bedrooms, so you would need remodelling done, which only adds $$ to the hefty bill of this property. And a lot of the interior looks dated (brown pannelling? Yikes!) so you might want to change that too, I think you should look at it like thrifting: if you not buy this, something even better might come along! I do admire your positivity and perseverance (correctly spelled?) and you are right about putting it out there and see what comes of it! You are so brave for sharing your dreams. I would be worried I might look silly, which is silly in and of itself. :-)



With all those extraordinary "other buildings" on your new property, you, Dave,Cerys & Keiran will be princes/princesses with...the Main House, The Tea Room, The Barn, The Pool House...What great adventures to had by all! The Graham Clarke is a worthy addition to your dream house fund! Keiran & Dave's St. George is helping! Hooray!

Selena Cate

What Ive noticed in Sonoma County is that the realtors list what is legal although there may be other rooms suitable for a bedroom such as an office. I think to be legally called a bedroom it has to have a closet and have been built using permits.

Christine, Im afraid that Im completely drawn to all that 60s design. My heart beat a little faster when I saw the paneling. I loved the arched ceilings, the wood panels, the light fixtures. I get faint just thinking about it. Im even hoping that there is a pink tiled bathroom waiting for me. But as always I appreciate your thoughts.


Well I have your pink tiled bathroom in my circa 1918 home! I could live in the garden of your dream home, I looove the japanese theme of it. The house has a few of those underlying Frank Lloyd Wrightish touches I love so much too. My dilemma is being an artist I love so many styles. I could be totally happy in a MCM,a Bungalow, a turn of the century farm, a converted store or barn! Go for your dream, even if it changes you will have pursued it ,which is better than never trying!


Selena, I hope you don't ever stop wishing or dreaming, or following your goals. I've been reading your blog for a long time now (secretly). You are an immense inspiration. When I saw you mention your hope of finding a hidden gold brick, it made me smile. It reminded me of the time my father bought a junky old antique dresser that he wanted to refurbish. As he was taking one of its drawers apart he found an old british gold coin wedged in between two slats. The thing was absolutely tiny, but was in mint condition and from the early 1800's, and valued at over $2400. Can you imagine how long that coin must have been there? I'm only telling you this because I do believe in hidden treasures and I think you should never stop wishing or dreaming of finding one. I think treasures are out there for everyone to find, and it's only a matter of time.


Amazing art find, and AMAZING house! Keep dreaming! Positive thinking goes a long way!

Angela @Whatch Find?


well, a house like that -with outbuildings- could be used for workshops and such.
I'm thinking yoga, craft etc in the pool house with the gardens as camping grounds for the participants.. maybe that would help to fund your dream of owning such a beauty, like an holistic b&b with a special enphasis on crafts and thrifting, like you could bring people to thrift (a midcentury modern quirky thrifty version of what Eddie Ross does)

I could totally see this happening


Great post, I love your dreams, some are so down to earth and some are very dreamy! lol. Plus that picture is so fun, congrats on such a bargain find!

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I'm in love with that art piece, too! A worthy investment, even without knowing the potential value! And that house...definitely a dream space for me too, love the Japanese aesthetic, 60s character, and the pool!

My dreams have been drifting to exotic places. I want to travel more, I dream about taking an interesting job in somewhere far away like Hawaii or Australia. In the meantime, I've been taking road trips to places near me that I've never visited every weekend and meeting new people/absorbing local culture. :)

I was going to write about that tomorrow. Is it okay if I link it to Dream Share and spread the word for your project here?

Janet Duncan

My God Selena, that house is pure Frank Lloyd Wright!! Should you get it, please don't touch that paneling. And the copper gutters and the tea house. I am swooning along with you. Fingers crossed for you. Love, Janet


It's an amazing house, and with this post you've helped inpire me to not give up on some of the dreams I have. I still want to work fully from home again..but have been unable to pursue that due to taking a very draining job with the local school district. I have some ideas in the works though and am counting the days until summer vacation begins so that I'll have the energy to put some things in motion. I still dream of Portland, and I still dream of a bigger home..I've decided I'll settle for pretty much anything style-wise as long as it has SIZE; but my dream home is still a cottage style home..something like your Cherry Tree home would be incredible, and I also adore those total fairy-tale themed homes from the 30s (I don't think my taste in homes will ever change..unless of course someone offers me a turreted castle, lol.) I want to adopt a special needs child and I do so desperately want to be a work at home mom again! Financial struggles forced me into taking an outside job, but I may be able to take working at home to the next level and make staying at home possible again. Anyhow, I read this post while at the school on my break, and I felt inspiration rise in me again (I've been very dragged down..a lot due to health issues, but I'm working w/ a dr. to get things figured out, and your post inspired me to get to dreaming again! Thanks! Oh! and I got a surprise email from a fashion company employee wanting to collaborate with me and my blog, even though it's been ages since I've posted, so that was a nice boost too :)


I dream of quitting my job and making things all day, and having a real, true income from that. I love reselling, and sometimes I "hit the nail on the head" with that stuff, but I'd really love to be able to contribute significantly to my household with stuff I make! I want to learn to weave! I want to produce things that people use!
But I'm getting married, and will have a life to support, so right now I make do with halfsies, and spend my spare time trying to grow my business.


"I start planning, scheming and creating and when that happens my life tends to change."

There's a quote from someone or other that says if you have a dream, you should chase after it like nothing else matters and even if it doesn't work out, you'll have had some fantastic experiences along the way. Me, I'm trying to be practical about my chances of getting a house but you know something? Practical is boring. It's even a little bit soul-destroying.

What I really want is a detached house, on its own little bit of land, like a lot of the houses in Canada and America. But houses like that aren't as common here and they carry a huge house valuation. I probably could do it, with a little creative thinking but I can't say I'm particularly great at that.

Personally, I think your approach is much better.

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