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May 24, 2011



I'm drawn to steam punk too. Love the look of it. It speaks future and past, I guess? But the ladies outfit, I WANT IT!!!!! Oh and the guys glasses and that hat. the maker faire looks like what a Renn Faire should be! Innovative, fun!


wow that looks amazing. I really wish we could have gone. I'm also a little bit in love with Steampunk, I'm writing one of my little fairy tales with a steampunk edge, I should be working on it now but we have been in such a rush all day I just need a bit of time to calm before I can put my brain into writing mode.


wow that is an amazing Faire! thanks for sharing!


Oh, I'd bounce off the walls like a hyperactive gnat with that much creative energy around. I love going to conventions like that, it brings out the kid in you! Cute photos!


Those are the events I am drawn to and would spend all day. I get caught up in the characters and the creativity and the costumes.
I doubt one will come close to me, but Chicago is not far. Maybe they will have one.

Selena Cate

How about the mini-Maker Faire in Ann Arbor?
xoxo Selena

amy zimmer

AWESOME! Great photos! Thanks for sharing them with us!


I'd love to get to a Maker Faire one day! They always look so cool! I did get to have some steampunk fun this weekend though. I went to the Steampunk Worlds Fair in Somerset NJ. 3 days of steampunkery goodness with music, crafts, art, events and pretty pretty clothes! My photos (from Friday only sadly) can be seen here

Or you can go here to see lots and lots and LOTS of other peoples photos of the fun :)


wow. i've never heard of this before - i wonder if there's something like this in Canada? i love the all the top hats festooned with scarves and the odd things they add to costumes for adornment. I was also curious about the fact that Kieran loves all things Star Wars but has never seen the films. How did he get interested? My son fell in love with Star Wars when he saw the first movie on TV at age 5. Since then he was wanted to be a film maker. Now, at age almost 19, he has applied to Film School at Capilano University. We should find out this week or next if he got in - send good thoughts his way !


almost forgot: i also love it that they had a letter writing booth. what a cool idea. it's like the whole slow food movement. there's just something about getting a hand written letter in the mail. last year, i kept all of my Christmas cards handy and i wrote a letter to everyone who sent me a Christmas card at sometime throughout the rest of the year. it was such a lovely practice that i think i'll do it again this year!


Thank you for more Steampunk pictures & links Selena! I think this is the first time that I will be doing costume research off of costumes people have created for themselves. It's very exciting and inspiring!


I didn't know fairs like this existed! Amazing stuff!


I'm from the bay area, and my friend back there was just emailing me yesterday about this. She thought it was just overwhelmingly crowded, though. It looks fabulous -- I wish I could have been there!


gracias a Dios por intiresny

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