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May 20, 2011


Brande Wilkerson

I TOTALLY remember this! I had the dream house!!! I remember all the strawberry shortcake too. What feelings of nostalgia come flooding back! Oh my! Enter me!!! That would be hours of fun thumbing thru for me ;-)


I would love to look through this!


Just became a Flavorstitch fan...


Will post about it on Facebook as well...

MaryAnn Schroeder

Enter me please! Love flipping through that


I remember this too! I had the Strawberry Shortcake -- but mine was from Wal-Mart, so I'm sure my parents didn't pay $6.44 for her (that price they would have balked at). My mom used to work part time at Monkey Ward's too. Would love to see some of the old Star Wars prices. I loved that movie -- and in the pre-VCR days (if my folks wouldn't pay $6.44 for a doll, $1389.88 for a VCR was an absolute impossibility) if you wanted to re-live a movie after it had left the theater you read the "novelizations" of the movie. I read my Star Wars books so often that they fell apart, I bought a new copy, they fell apart again, and then my 3rd copy survived. (Now my son is a Star Wars fan and I can finally say, after the umpteenth viewing, that I have seen those movies often enough). Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

MaryAnn Schroeder

I'm a fan of ATG

MaryAnn Schroeder

Just became a fan of Flavorstitch


This is SO cool! I would love to win this, and I am posting this on FB first...


I'm a FB fan!


I am a friend of Flavorstitch! Can't wait to look over that site more!


what sweet memories!

The Joyful Thrifter

I would love to be entered. I already follow you on facebook :)


The Joyful thrifter


I'm a twitter follower!


I THINK I stumbled it...



I had a Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag on my bed. One morning I woke up and one of our mama cats had KITTENS on it in the night, WHILE I was SLEEPING in it!!! My cat had kittens on ME!!! It was delightfully disgusting. I felt so special. LOL


I'm also an ATG follower on facebook


Oh swoon! Would love to win!

Did I ever tell you that my Dad sold my entire collection of Strawberry Shortcake Dolls (along with a lot of other stuff of course), after my Mom died, (I was away at college). It was his way of helping himself grieve, and of course I don't blame him in any way, but, it makes me so sad to this day that those little dolls are gone. Someday I WILL find another set! :)


Wow what a trip down memory lane!! I love the strawberry shortcake things and the Barbie Dream house! Fantastic!
Sally x


Those Strawberry Shortcake items brought back sooo many great memories! I spied my old Trike in there! (I was only 3 in 1981). Thank you!!!

Jennifer Robin

Oh, the memories of those WIshbooks! I pored over those all year long, especially the doll section. Thanks for posting such a wonderful lot of memories!


You have always been a vintage girl at heart I love it! I can't believe you saved these!...pretty awesome

 Delighted Momma


I saw that episode of Pawn Stars! And laughed when the Old Man lost the bet!

No need for me to be a winner, so don't enter me in the giveaway!


In the last SS picture you posted, in the bottom right corner is the Berry Buggy, which I had when I was about 3 or 4 and LOVED! So fun to see it again!


Hi Selena - I just LIKED you on FB...please enter me! thanks - teresa

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