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May 11, 2011



When I was a kid, my favorite quote was "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars." I feel like the only way to get anything worth having is to pull out all the stops, run 'til you drop, etc., etc. You're doing it! And you're awesome!

Also, my favorite bedroom when I was a kid was a really weird room, very skinny with attic crawl space on both sides. It was more of a large closet with a window, and I loved it. I think that the most interesting bedrooms are the ones that don't quite fit, kinda like people.

amy zimmer

I love you Selena! You gave my first big wide smile of the day...


I love this post, I like you are all for setting the dream and realizing the journey is what really matters. This home is lovely and I can see why you'd fall in love with it. I enjoy this blog so much, you are very inspiring and so down to earth in your thinking, I love that you go through the same highs and lows that I do and are so honest about the reality of life. Wonderful reading and inspiring writing!


I love your enthusiasm and way of thinking! And yes, I'm constantly wondering what I have of value but don't know about yet. Not sure if anything I've ever thrifted is worth thousands of dollars but I do have items from my grandparents etc that are of value I'm sure - again, maybe not in the range of yours, but still good for me. My husband also got a bunch of goodies from a burned down house in Kentucky when he was younger, so who knows about all that...


I love your enthusiasm! And that house truly is gorgeous. I'm taking your positive energy and trying to hold on to it for myself. My husband and I are facing some financial problems - it's really difficult when your big life goals come up against your budget and you find yourself at a loss. Part of me wants to give up; it's too difficult, we should just buckle under and slink away. But then a different voice says we need to fight, as hard as we can, to keep our dreams alive. Here's to the fight :)


This post is very timely for me as I just got back from Seattle a couple weeks ago clearing out my storage unit I've had for ten years which stored my late father's furniture.

It was a shock to realize I had four beautiful Papa Bear chairs & ottomans which he kept from my grandparents (they sold in one day). I always knew they were cool, but not that they were valuable. I'm not sure who was more or the gentleman selling my stuff!

You have beautiful things in your home which I'm sure will fill your savings account quickly (: I'm much happier having less things & more money in the bank.


Thank you for talking out loud (your blog) and not just to yourself. You make what normally would look impossible possible.


So in your yard sale pile, do you have cotton fabric in the yellow and orange spectrum that's not too expensive that you will toss in a flat rate box for me? And how much would it be? And if you don't, it's OK.


Hmmm...I love that its on 10 acres. When I was househunting last year I fell in love with a property in Gustine. It was an acre and it had just enough room to keep my horse in the yard (the neighbors all had horses too). I watched it on Redfin, dreamed about it, visited it and finally made an offer on it. But it wasn't to be :-( The house was in too poor of condition for it to appraise where I needed it to be.....I have no regrets with backing out and your story brought back fun memories.


Selena, your post is so inspiring. My family is going through some hard times financially right now and you have reminded me to look at what I have and use it instead of thinking about going back to college and how to fund it (which means going into debt, something I don't want to do seeing the position we are in) in order to get to get a better paying job. Thank you.


Thank you Selena for giving me lots of good stuff to chew on this week. :)
I've got a lot of ideas rolling around in my noggin and hope to write them down over the weekend. You've inspired me to dust off some of my dreams I've kicked into some far corners that have been covered with cobwebs.


Thank you for sharing your dreams with us and for inspiring us all to pursue our own. Your outlook on life is remarkable.
many hugs


btw the bird is amazing!


Selena, that bird is from India from the Bastar region. It is called bell metal work and the technique is known as the vanishing wax method. Here is a link to information about a bell metal craftsman-

Selena Cate

Rina, thank you so much for this information. How wonderful to read the history of how my little bird was made. I appreciate you taking the time to help me.
xoxo Selena


You're welcome, Selena. Glad I could be of help- your blog has provided many hours of inspiration as well as a wealth of information.In my earlier comment, I called the method as vanishing wax but the correct term may just be lost wax casting which is used in many places around the world. The coiled thread method is supposed to be unique to Bastar.

Tinuviel Kruse

Yes! Yes! Great post, great house. You could start a jar or something on your blog that we (your readers) could donate to?? I would. Hold onto your dream. Hugs from Santa Rosa!


I am so glad Rina provided us (the readers as well as you) with some information. I love the Whatzit posts but then often get frustrated when the further information is not shared.
When I want flipping Inspiration I head over to Late Night Coffee who has a Friday post about things that flipped well. Readers share their successes too. It gives me hope of someday finding that BIG item.

My concerns for you were not about the 2 bedrooms, rather about the landscaping maintenance costs!

Continue to dream huge.
My word of caution is to dream in detail.
I have had dreams come true but there are details I wish I had been more clear about.
When I can get my computer to work properly I should share in a post.


Well - I understand perfectly why you would want that house :) Gorgeous! I love the landscaping and the view and the pool :)
Living in the Midwest though - are houses normally around that price in CA? Just curious really :) I wish you good luck in achieving your dream(s)!

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