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May 01, 2011



What fabulous finds. I am in love with the cat fabric!


So lucky! I absolutely love the fabrics and the vintage cards!


Those boots are amazing and i can't wait to see how the puzzle mystery ends!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Love the gift wrap & the cards!


Love it! I had a fantastic thrifting week myself.. Asolutely drool worthy..


It was a stellar weekend! It was so great I can't unload the car and finish my TSM post until tomorrow until I clear some space in the house. Excellent score on the boots! They may be broken in, but they will still last you for years. Funny you should mention Steampunk. I've been researching it because the show I'm designing costumes for this summer will be Steampunk inspired. Maybe I will give "Steamed" a read.

Delyth Owen

Oh, I'm drooling over your fabric find! How amazingly were meant to find this estate sale. :oD You vintage Frye boots are so cool, and when you mentioned steampunk, I remembered another blog I visit called @ . Here is just one of the links to steampunk on this blog . I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


the egg cups are indeed a whimsical, worth it find; the denmark round box looks like a treasure. white gazelles on back : into that too! the jigsaw puzzel... JUST amazing!
and the boots. ha, well, the boots.. i never heard of steampunk before, and now i have.

Angela (Cottage Magpie)

Oh, oh, oh! I was prepared to say I was jealous about the huge fabric score... but then the finds just kept coming and coming! (Those boots! Swoon!). I didn't get out this weekend, but you can bet I will next!



Amanda @geekdetails

I love the boots and that you're in to steampunk. I adore steampunk and attend conventions for it. I started decorating my home in a steampunk style and it just goes so well with the old place. I'm totally jealous of the boot find.

amy zimmer

The boots are indeed wonderful! Great fabric...the owls are definitely my favorite. I love what Angela says, it is true, the finds do keep coming!

my thrifty closet

wow what a great fabric haul! Are you selling any of them? I love those boots too. Thanks for hosting, it's always something I look forward to every monday



I had that same card from the middle. Received it twice!


wow, just wow!


love love love the vintage greeting cards (and yes frame the Viking girl!), the Bjorn Wiinblad box and the boots.

gorgeous stuff. so glad for you.

Yesterday at an open air flea market I bought a wooden salad bowl set (one big and 5 small bowls) and 3 totally wearable vintage dresses, for 23 euros. Happy sunday indeed.

Karen Jones - The White Approach

So wish we had estate sales in England. I am so envious when I read about them.
The material is totally devine and those boots ! fantastic xx


All I can say Selena is envy, jealous and coveted! Hehe, wonderful finds! Are estate sales deceased estates? Not sure if we have them here in Australia.

Rach x

Sophie Isobel

Those boots are so amazing! One of my favourite finds of the year!
Sophie x


Amazing fabric! I especially love the owl and cat ones, gorgeous illustrations. The boots are amazing, too! Love how you've styled them here!


That fabric is amazing! My hands are itching to sew some dresses with that!! I really love things by Bjorn Wiinblad, I've seen plates done by him a while ago but the seller asked too much for my taste, I was so disappointed!
Those boots are funny, I'm reading Pippi Longstocking with the children now and the boots remind me of her. I bet you're smart and strong like she is in those Fryes. ;-)



Great fabrics! Think of all the mini fabric pictures you can make and sell! Lana


P.S. I used to have a pair of frye boots exactly like those! Enjoy wearing them! Lana


Wow! I can't believe all the fabric that you found! The cat and owl fabrics caught my eye! You did great!!!

Lucky Thrifter

I love love love all those fabrics!!!

Leah - MoxieThrift on Etsy

I am not sure I can convey how much I love those boots. They are SO beautiful and WORN IN is the reason they ARE so beautiful! I would keep them too!!!!

they fabric! lawdy mercy, that's some awesome fabric! love it!

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