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May 15, 2011



i'm loving all of what you've found over the weekend! especially fascinated by the alarm clock.

my thrifty closet

the flip clock is so chic and the vintage glasses are very pretty too!



Cute finds!

I didn't go thrifting (junking) over the tempting as it was. I spent all day yesterday pricing items for my booth at the Antique Mall.

I'm working on keeping my inventory under control before adding more to it for ReSelling. It's like finding the treasures all over again! :)


A La Modern

Great find with the flip clock, and I'd like to find one of those lampshades one of these days for a pottery lamp as well. We've been cutting down severely on thrifting too, and definitely being more choosy on the items we get - so much so, we didn't have a thrifting blog post this weekend. Ah well, we'll be thrifting vicariously through you all for a bit =)


Love the alarm clock. And congratulations for showing some restraint.

Lakota @ Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

A lovely selection of edited finds. The glasses are fantastic.

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Wow.Great collections . I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading all of it.Thanks for finding time to share your ideas.


I'm like you, if I see something that brings back a flood of memories from my childhood, I just know I'm going to buy it. It's always fun to hear people reminiscing about items they see while walking around the antique store.


Selena do you use a tripod to take your pictures? They are always so crisp.

Jil Casey

Great set of glasses! Kudos on the restraint, I'm trying to do the same thing too.


Those glasses are awesome! I agree how something so small can trigger memories! I was searching on eBay for some tupperware when I came across some of the kids' playsets. I remember playing with them with my sisters when we were little. Oh the fun we had! Great finds for you and the bike was a steal! Also, Congrats on walking away! So glad to see you working towards your goal!


I commend you for leaving lots of vintage goodies behind; it's hard! I resisted that issue all together by not thrifting at all this weekend. I'll resist until all my merchandise is sorted! :)

I LOVE those memory-filled cups you found, and the clock, too!


Great finds! This is my first time visiting (and participating) at Thrift Share Monday! I don't get out thrifting much, so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to join in, but I'm sure I'll enjoy checking out everyone else's finds!

Like your glasses, I like to purchase items that I remember from my childhood. Either from my home or things I remember from my grandparents' homes.

Lynn @ Secondhand Firsthand

Congratulations on keeping to your plan! I was impressed with that idea, and I'll look forward to seeing how it goes.

the lazy peacock

great finds! i just love those glasses.


I left a few things behind, too!!! I don't blame you for picking up those glasses, though. They're great!!!


love those glasses. i can just picture them with orange juice in them!


Those glasses are awesome and I love the clock too. :)

There were a few things that tried to come home with me when I was out thrifting. I imagine Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep's role in The Devil Wears Prada) as my boss sometimes (when I need motivation or kick in the right direction) and figured
she would freeze me to the spot with an icy glare if I dared bring them home with me. LOL!

Delighted Momma

Those glasses are amazing!!! I have the very similar memories about my Grandmother and certain dishes she used to own as well..

lisa @thebeadgirl

LOVE those glasses! so fun! me want! lol


I love those drinking glasses! I went to my first estate sale auction last week--it was so much fun. The prices are far less than sales--there are a couple a month around here so I'm going to start checking them out. Have a great week & thanks for hosting, I love checking out other peoples finds (:

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

What fun finds! I think the glasses are so cheerful and the flip clock is great. Like you, I'm trying hard to show restraint until I get my etsy shops back open. It's so hard. I feel your pain :) Thanks for hosting!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

#36 to #42 is all the same person - even posting on the same day! One item per post. Why? Why not post everything all in one post? It's frickin' annoying!!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

I am really enjoying that clock. Reminds me of one my grandparents had while I was growing up! They probably don't have it anymore though..

Selena Cate

Thanks for letting me know about the multiple postings. You are correct, each person should really have only one link. Ive deleted all but the first link. Thanks again.
xoxo Selena

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