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May 22, 2011



love that copper etching. As always, you find the best stuff. :)


I'm absolutely in love with the gorgeous blue topaz brooch, it's so striking!

Jem xXx


i like it you have made little preview on what's coming next... effective little teaser...!
5 books for a dollar sounds like heaven and a half!....

The Thriftaholic (Leilani)

I love all your vintage jewelry finds, will you be selling that glass sphere necklace? If so I might be interesting in buying it!


I'm loving the Holt Howard tray. He is definitely one of my favorite names in Christmas items.
And I can't wait to see what this Steampunk car is about!

A La Modern

I need to start looking at baskets more often - I know I've probably have been missing a bunch at the thrift. Nice HH tray too!


So many beautiful treasures. I'm very jealous of the topaz pin :)

Mama Syder

Love the basket...Very Wizard of Oz...I can just imagine To-to jumping out of that, lol!


I think I have the same topaz brooch from my mum's jewellery stash!
Love the mod tray


Fantastic finds! That Longeberger market basket for just $1.00 has me amazed! What a steal that was. It's in perfect shape too. I also love the sphere necklace and red beads. Great treasures!


Thank you, Selena, for sharing your finds with us. I don't tell you often enough how much I enjoy that. I do so enjoy your writing style, so informative, and yet so personable. You have a great gift. Thanks again for sharing!


Don't you wish you could clone yourself on weekends like this? So many GOOD sales and you can't be at them all at the same time.

Usually there are not a lot of sales on Memorial Day weekend so I won't be as upset by staying home but I wonder if I missed good ones this past weekend. At least when it rained it downpoured.

My deal this week was buying cat litter at Target and getting gift cards.


Amazing finds as always, I love the copper etching and that price cannot be beat! It's been hard for me to drive by all the garage sales and goodies around these parts...

Gotta resist until I've sold all the bits and bobs cluttering this apartment! ;) I know you can relate.


The copper etching is my favorite, but ALL of your finds are magnificent! Thanks for hosting the party!!!

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

Stunning brooch, and as usual I like the rest of your finds too.

Jil Casey

Thanks as always!

Beth S

That red necklace is gorgeous. Has that great vintage red...


I did notice down here in Fresno that garage sale activity blew up this month. In our neighborhood, this also coincided with what we call "Big Trash Day" where we're allowed to put anything and everything on the curb to throw away. People come through with trucks to riffle through. I always smile and wave. These are my friends, the people who go through other people's trash and do something with it.

one gal's trash

Thanks for hosting again Selena. The copper piece is gorgeous, but the topaz brooch made my heart go pitter-patter!
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash


i LOVE that tray! so beautiful. and the basket is fantastic. you had a great weekend!


We are on the opposite sale schedule here--too hot in the summer. The fall is the best time here (: I love this time of year in the wine country for estate sales--cannot wait to see what you get in the next couple months!

Thrift Shop

You always seem to find the most amazing stuff! I wish I was that lucky! Keep up the great work :)

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