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May 08, 2011


Vintage Scapes

Wow great deal with the Arabia! The may faire looks like a dream...

Sarah @ MissMollyCoddle

Unbelievable!!! That is probably the bargain of the century! I discovered how collectable arabia is when I sold a coffee pot online, I'd paid 50c for it and it sold for $306! I couldn't believe my eyes. You must be elated, well done Mum :)


Wow you really got it for free! The value of one plate only can be anything between $30-$200, maybe even more. The most valuable plates are from 1988, 1992, 1993 and 1995. During Finnish economic depression in 1990s the plates were made only as custom orders.

The design is based on Kalevala which is the national epic of Finland.

I really love these plates. My grandmother has a collection aswell.
Greetings from Finland! You have a nice blog :)

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

Congratulations on your amazing bargain! Your Mayday celebrations look wonderful x


I am elated for you. What a fantastic Mother's Day present! You have a very special mother to even think about doing something so wonderful for you. (Although she could have gone and stood in line earlier!) Many mom's would not have been as thoughtful. Even without knowing their "value" they are beautiful and a treasure.
What a nice faire day. Looks like you had perfect weather. Didn't you volunteer the cotton candy machine?


Amazing plates, and I love the May Day photos! That's beautiful :)


The plates are gorgeous - more so possibly now I've read here about the value! Lovely pics from the maypole, such a sweet tradition.

Jil Casey

Wow - amazing score and amazing mother - she definitely has your back!

Leah - MoxieThrift on Etsy

that may faire looks FUN!!!!! and i love that you and your mom talk do my mom and i! she's one of my biggest advocates!

one gal's trash

Set of gorgeous Arabia plates? $25. Thrifting long distance by phone with your Mama? Priceless!


LOVE those plates. wow are they ever cool. it's so great when you get a serendipitous prize at the cash register too. i think there must be a thrifting gene in your family. :-) glad you had a happy mother's day!

Vicki K

What a fun way to "be" with your Mom at long distance - is she feeling all right?

Selena Cate

Thank you so much for asking Vicki. She was so sick last summer that we were worried that we might lose her by Christmas. Luckily she changed her chemo, added some different nutrition into her diet and came out feeling so much better. She can even travel again. Its been so wonderful to thrift with her on her last two visits to us.
xoxo Selena

amy zimmer

The kids at Mayfair are stunning!


So glad there are still places that celebrate May with a maypole! Very cool!

How wonderful that you and your mom can share the thrill of thrifting together. That is wonderful.


Love the pictures of Cerys & Keiran (:


I sold a Finel mug on Ebay this week to a woman in New Zealand (I liked that) - I bought it because I thought it was cute, not knowing it was collectible. It sold for $44 - not too shabby for me (who usually sells $10 items). I, too, heart thrifting with my mom.


Wow! Score!
~ Jenny


I'm touched & heartened to read your Mother's Day Thrift Adventure! Real treasures you & your Mother found! A $2/plate purchase getting immediate valuation by Meri, from Finland, gives us the exciting information...your "rise above the $10 mugs" affirmation is coming true!! Well...that is if this is a re-selling gift from may be keeping them!?

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