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June 06, 2011



I have a problem buying vintage bingo games also. Why is that?! As always, lovely finds. :)

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

I am loving all your fabric! What a great find!! I can't resist sewing notions and fabric and I would've snatched that stuff up too. The cookie tray is great. I love the color. And I'm so glad you're anticipating a nice summer. Sounds like you deserve it after last year. Thanks for hosting this fun party.


Congratulations of your 5 year anniversary! How exciting!!!
I'm always a sucker for the vintage fabrics (especially the barkcloth), so great find! The little cookie tray is pretty great too :-)
Enjoy the summer break!


Happy Anniversary Selena! Five years blogging is impressive! The fabric you got is speculator. I miss finding vintage fabric, its getting scarce in Arizona. Or feels like it is anyway.


Congrats on your fifth birthday. Wow!
I love your fabrics especially that barkcloth.

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen)

Happy Blogiversary!!

Vintage Scapes

Happy 5th Blogiversary! May it continue to flourish and bring you joy!

Love the little pottery bird by the way...


I love your plan for the summer! That's what summer should be -- enjoy it all. I can never resist fabric and/or sewing supplies myself!


Happy Blogiversary!
Thanks for taking us back and sharing the beginning.

I hope you have a wonderful summer to remember.


Wow, congratulations on five years! That's a lot of commitment!


Happy anniversary, Selena! Wishing you the best summer adventures! We have similar low key plans and I'm just thrilled.

lost property vintage

Congratulations on the anniversary - this is my first time adding a link to Thrift Share Monday, and it looks like I chose a good week to do it!
I really like the dish - I have a soft spot for turquoise items and this one is lovely.

Vicki K

Wow- I'm fascinated with the fabrics! Do you have any immediate inspiration for them?


Happy 5th. Wishing you many more years of writing!


Happy Anniversary Selena! So glad you're here and that i discovered you. Your blog has been a source of weekly inspiration to me!


Congratulations on 5 years of posting. That is a big commitment. I hope you keep it up for many more!


Congrats on your fifth! Here's to many more (toasting with my cup of tea). I'm surprised school is out so early for your kids. Here they will be in school until July 23rd! Sounds like a wonderful summer ahead for your family.
I like your finds from the weekend, my kids both play bingo in school regularly (I think it's to learn numbers in a fun way) and they both love it so I might look out for it too in the future. We thrifted just some clothes, a few Legos and got a HUGE cardboard Buzz Lightyear for free, the kids were ecstatic! :-)



Happy 5th Birthday ATG! Loving all that -amazing- vintage fabric! You've got quite a collection!

Beth S

Love that tiered server! Well worth the price. And Happy Anniversary! So glad you started this blog five years ago! :)


I didn't know what a blog was 5 years ago!
Happy 5th Anniversay!!!


Happy Anniversary!
I love that tiered plate stand; very cool!

So glad you will be able to enjoy this summer; sounds like lots of fun in store.

ana @ i made it so

happy 5th selena! that is quite the milestone. reading through old posts, it's nice to see you've always just been

here's to you and whatever the next five years might bring you! thanks for sharing all you do with all of us.


Congrats on five years! I LOVE that tiered dish - SO cute!

Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

Happy 5th Anniversary! Great job!


Happy 5th year to my favorite blog. Love the wonderful finds, I'm not sure which items I like the best. The dish is so unique and the color is great. The old fabric is fantastic, you really knocked that one out of the park. I too have a thing for sewing items, BUTTONS and bingo cards. When I shop, there is a definite pattern to what catches my eye, I am beginning to have a glut of wooden tool boxes...poor me, huh?
Your blog is so informative, welcoming and sincere. Thanks for taking the time for your readers. Enjoy your summer, we have to wait until the

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