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June 27, 2011


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Cute picture - Keiran looks like a sweet boy.


I love seeing the photos of summer fun people are sharing in the blogosphere. It's motivated me to work hard now so I can relax and explore the rest of the summer ;)

Cute photo!

Lynn @ Secondhand Firsthand

That park has the Circus Trees, which came from another location and are now being reused. It's like the park thrifted for you this weekend. ;)


This sounds like a great family oriented place. It reminds me of Frontier Village; we used to go there when we were kids.
Thank you so much for hosting.

Vintage Scapes

So glad to have you back this week! It's also great to hear that you are enjoying the summer with the fam :)


Gilroy Gardens sounds interesting! I'll have to see if I can find some more pictures online. :) Glad to hear you're having fun with your family!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

Sounds like you had a lovely outing. I never loved amusement parks but I loved my kids and they sure had fun and now I treasure those memories. I'm actually looking forward to fun days at the park with grand kids ... whenever that season starts! Thanks for hosting this fun party. I always enjoy it!

one gal's trash

Is that the same Gilroy that is the Garlic Capital of the World? Must have had a lovely aroma! I posted about a lovely old book that made me think of you. Thanks for hosting again Selena!


Too funny that I've never bothered going there even though I lived in that area for 8 years....did you hit up the Salvation Army while you were there?

Selena Cate

Yes we did in fact. It was huge! I found some lovely vintage glasses and Cerys bought some clothes (buy 1 get 1 free). What a great store you have in Gilroy!

Sam @ The Junk House

Linking up for the first time! Thanks for hosting! I love seeing everyone's finds!


Being without my own vehicle suc...stinks. I haven't been thrifting or garage saling's been so long I can't remember! Good thing I still have some boxes of treasures I have not yet blogged about.
I spent last week entering online contests and did my Mad Tea post reliving my days as a Ren Wench.
Sunday I sort of got a working wash machine for the first time in a few years. It is actually a pleasure to do laundry at home. How long until that thrill wears off?

The news says the economy is bouncing back, right?


You were right in my backyard -- glad you got to see Gilroy Gardens (so peaceful for an amusement park) and our amazing Salvation Army. I've found lots of treasures there!

Linda @ A La Carte

Looks like a fun time! I am late linking up and it wouldn't take the photo but I am joining the party anyway! Thanks, Linda

Linda @ A La Carte

It did add my photo to the link up...yay!! Thanks for hosting this fun party. ~~Linda


Looks like you had a fun weekend! I love old parks like that :)

Delyth Owen

My girlfriend at work is from Northern California, and she was just telling me last week about Gilroy Gardens. Glad you all enjoyed it.

Deana Wood

So much fun to look at everyone's finds. Thanks so much!


I love seeing everyone's finds!

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