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August 03, 2011



A warm spring would be fantastic!!! In Austin we have Barton Creek Pool which is 68F all year I guess on a cold winter day that's when it is considered warm.


Our family loves Morton's Warm Springs too. A great place from my childhood, and it is still a very old-school place, with a the atmosphere of a older time. We went a few weeks ago and had a blast. Glad you love it too!


that looks like my kind of swimming!


Did you visit Jack London's old home (what's left of it) while you were there? Something I want to do--I'll have to manage it before they close the park next July.


Looks like a great place & I cannot believe that it's not crowded--good find! We have been swimming all summer while trying to keep cool~


We have the Huachuca Mountains in our back yard. So we buy a yearly family membership for $40.00 to Ramsey Canyon. They have trails, spots for picnics, bird watching tours, outdoor classes, photo spots, and lots of wild animals. Usually they have deer, turkeys, ..., but this year with the terrible fire we had there are lots of bears.

On a side note, since we live just down the canyon we have also had coyote, bobcats, javelina, and bear besides the regular deer, ... .


i love the ocean for swimming - the salt water makes me feel more bouyant. i realize that most of the time the water is colder than a pool would be but the ocean is always free - can't beat that!


thanks for the tip! We went today and really enjoyed it.

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