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September 12, 2011


Karen Jones

I love the sound of your flea market Petaluma ! Gorgeous.
One day I will come to America and spend three weeks attending flea markets, estate sales and the like.
I love your finds and am sooo envious xx

Nell's Vintage Hosue

That candelabra is so cool! Off to go learn about Ben Seibel now. :)

Helen and Her Daughters

I have never heard of a sample sale, I guess they don't have them here. Wish they would. I love books and would love to be able to attend something like that.

Jackie K

Oh those books! This weekend I knew of an online sale from a publisher with very low prices - but with shipping it didn't warrant the effort. You've got some lovelies there!!

That fabric too - beautiful!!


Great finds as always-love all the books!


Excellent finds, especially that Space Needle fabric. I'm swooning! Thanks for the info on the sample sales, that book haul looks pretty great.


The glass Swedish Dala horse has really captured my imagination - I have never seen one in glass before so it's a first for me - every day a school day :-)

Adore Dala horses but somehow cannot seem to find any for love nor money here in the UK

Jem xXx


I love that fabric as well...and I'm a near Seattle resident! Hope to find some of my own!

I've only ever found 1 Dala horse :( I love that glass one!

Thanks for sharing your finds!


Nice haul - especially the books! Thank you for the tip on sample sales. I'll have to look that up!


Stupid Sock Creatures jumps out at me.
Maybe because I am finally learning to sew!

Faith Hope and Charity Shopping

I love that glass Dala horse too - so unusual.


Love that vintage felted fellow. Here is a link to one of my favorite blogs showing how to sew these out of a set of vintage patterns (it's in a foreign language I know you can read ;-))

Love that candle holder btw.


I love finiding out about mid century designers. The research into where something was made and the life of the designer fascinate me. Thanks for sharing, I've learned so much!

ana @ i made it so

so cool that you met your kind of thrifter and had a good time digging for treasures. fun finds!

One Gal's Trash

I posted about a horse too, but a horse of a different color! ;)
Happy almost Fall...xoxo


The little horse looks like an icesculpture, it's beautiful! The books look interesting too, and sounds like a great bargain. Good luck selling it all, quite a task! I have one big box of babyclothes left from selling at a flea market Sunday so I need to get busy on that, sigh.



69 Thrift Shares!!! Yay! And I love hearing your (positive) anticipation of "your first official work week"! Meanwhile, no worries about your thrifting mojo having a's gangbusters all the way!!!


I love the Space Needle fabric. If you sell it, could you let me know where you have it listed? I'd be very interested in it! Thank you. :)

Bee Balm Gal

Ah, books! With kindles and such like, will we eventually run of of them? I do hope not.


Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing knowledge with us. This site is fantastic. I always find great knowledge from it.

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