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September 18, 2011



love the dozer! I wanted one of those for myself when I was a kid, but we were so poor I made my own out of cardboard, lol
really like the birdcage too!

Vintage Scapes

i love the print! I also love that you are posting again :)


That Steiff Kitty is such a fun find! As a toy collector, I'm definitely jealous. :D Nice one!


Nice finds. My fav is the art print.

And I cannot believe how patient your 9 yr old is. My 12 yr old is okay but I cannot bring her with me. She gets bored.
I can see you handing over your reins to Keiran in the near future.


Selena, my heart literally sings at the sight of that puppet, it is SO adorable. It also sings at the sight of the perfect bulldozer and your talented son's admiration for a vintage item with patina and a story to tell.

I hope you're well, lady :) !


Wow what great finds! That little puppet is so sweet, I love it when I find something that has been on my "mental to find list". What a great score on the print, I know what you mean about shipping something like that.

Thanks also for hosting, the party looks great.

:) Michelle


Love the little Steiff puppet - what an excellent find. I collect Steiff animals but have never ever come across one whilst thrifting - nor, I suspect, am I ever likely too.

One Gal's Trash

Meow! Great score on the Steiff kitty. I still have the Steiff teddy bear my grandparents gave me when I was a kid. The eyes are missing and our dog Pepe chewed on one of his ears a few decades ago, but that's all part of his charm.


The Steiff Kitty is such a special find! Congrats!!! I'm so happy I found some things to share at your party this week!!!

Amy Kagey

Love the Steiff kitty!
Feel free to visit my estate sale/thrift store finds blog at:

gluten free gift

I believe that I had that kitty puppet when I was little - saddens me to think that somewhere along the way I parted with it. I still have a tiny steiff bear that was given to me by my grandmother. One of my most precious possessions.

Selina - I found you tonight as I was trolling for gluten-free bloggers... I loved what I saw, and most importantly what I read. Particularly your decision to slow down over the summer. I will be keeping my eye on your finds & adventures!! Mille grazie, Claudine


I had a Steiff puppet - an owl when I was small. I don't know what became of it. The cat is lovely!

I have that little bird; he's an English robin made by Tremar from Cornwall England. I have a few other animals from that Pottery - they are very appealing.


Lovely finds. I esp. like the cage (and cute birdie), mod girl and art.
Keiran really seems like a great thrifting buddie, I would be too ;-)


Such great finds! I especially love the mod girl (I have a similar one that I purchased a while ago, I filled her vase with small dollhouse flowers) and the print! Also, great blog! :-)


When life gets too hectic and I can not take time to get out and thrift in person, I love stopping over here and getting my thrift fix.


Love your blog Selena! And that "Mod Girl" is adorable. Hope I can start participating In "Thrift Share Monday" soon. It seems like a lot of a fun.


OMG...I feel so old. We had that kitty puppet when we were small! She was well loved & worn by the time the last of us was a teenager.

I love the teensy little cage w/ pottery bird...Have you thought of adding a perch & some museum putty? Hahahah! Really, though, it would be sweet to have the birdie up on a perch!

Spotting quality art is worth all the study time! I'm please to learn how successful your efforts have been in that arena!


My favorite is definitely the bird cage. I've been on the lookout for a vintage, peely paint birdcage for a long time now! They're not easy to find. Well done :)

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