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September 07, 2011


Amy Zimmer

This won't help at all, but just hearing "your voice" through your posts is wonderful and plentiful...when you speak from the heart...we're all listening!
Great post. Amy

Tara C

Lovely post. I took the summer off blogging as well, just hung with the kids and enjoyed life.
My favorite posts are the ones on buying, what you have found, or just thoughts on being a frugal mom :)


So happy for your summer! Congratulations on listening to your inner voice. First comment says it best- write what you want, when you want- we love you and your thoughts.


So happy for your summer! Congratulations on listening to your inner voice. First comment says it best- write what you want, when you want- we love you and your thoughts.


Any or all of the above. As a mom of very small children with almost no thrifting time, I love hearing about your amazing finds, which translate into knowledge about reselling value. It's all good!


Wow, you described the "overload" to a tee. I have that same inner voice but haven't found a way to take a time out. My situation is slightly different. My children are grown and gone but the big girl job does a good job of sucking up all the energy!
I only discovered your blog shortly before your break so i'm looking forward to reading whatever comes next!

Jackie K

Yes, a step back to recover so you can move forward with quiet intention!

I like the virtual community you have created through Thrift Share Monday, the insights into life balance you learn, the passion you have for certain items.

Careful steps forward...

melissa klundt

I missed you over the summer, but I totally understand. I would like to continue to see tidbits on how to run your business ( like the shipping and the storage of it all) and I love to see what you've found. Just having a post to look forward to makes my day!


Glad your summer turned out the way you desired!
I would like to read a little bit of everything you list - tips, buying, what to look for, how to market, etc. Even if it doesn't apply to what my attempts are, it's interesting to read what's popular and what works in other parts of the country.

Patty Ashworth

I have missed seeing what you have found. You give the history on pieces and I find that fasinating. How can we loose so much of our society and the everyday things, and the pieces that make our lives more enjoyable. Please keep showing what you find. And keep enjoying time with family.


I just like reading along as your life happens. I get something positive from everything you write. Don't feel pressure to do resell type posts. Do it when you want too and just be a part of our lives. :) Glad you had a good summer, you deserve it.


I think you've put so much into the blog that it's kinda like the shop. You list, and list (i.e. post, and post) and then it just runs itself. So maybe now that you've taken a summer hiatus, you could play around with doing what feels good to you. During the month of August, I used my blog as a therapeutic venue. I don't know if it did much of anything for my meager readership, but it helped me a lot. And because I was able to do that, I am now able to get back to my regular flow.

Be short if you feel like it. Just be you. Because more than anything else (deep breath now), people come for you.

Cathryn Lane

I have you on my blog reader because I enjoy hearing how you deal with a small business and a family and just life. I'm an artist/crafter, not a reseller but I do love to hear what you find and what you are looking for. I do love to thrift. You are a unique voice - glad you had a great summer.


Cat videos all the way!!! (Kidding)Glad to hear you had a great summer.
Just keep the Thrift Share Mondays coming, everything else is just icing. And I'd be happy to pay money for an ebook on Reselling-that's a great idea.


So happy you took some summertime just to "be". Glad it was healing to you and yours and I hope you take breathers when you feel you need it, or your crew needs it. I hope you write little tidbits as regularly as you can (because sometimes worries slip in when we don't hear for too long a time). And I hope you write the long detailed stuff when you feel so inclined.

My job went away when my employer was acquired by a larger company. And I took some serious downtime (recovery). It can all be pretty stressful. A soon to be layed-off friend is building a new flea market and I have an opportunity to rent a space there this Spring. It will be a place to resell and carry newly crafted items. I'm pretty clueless, so will scarf up any tips/advice/help/etc. you have to offer.

Glad you're here.

brenda from arkansas

knutty knitter

Definitely cat videos :)

Just life in general. As a foreigner, the rest doesn't apply here although I do like to see what you have found :)

viv in nz


I Love your blog. I have met so many blog friends here and which in tail has helped me through some tough times. You will never know how much your blog means to people but you should always put the thoughts and lifestyle of your family first. As long as they are happy you will be happy


I had to sort of do the same. I took a step back from so many posts, and I also had to stop taking my camera everywhere so I could actually participate, instead of documenting our outings. I'm so glad you are back, I'd love to hear from any of the above topics, your advice is always very helpful in all those categories and of course I love your from the heart posts. Just had to say the kids look so cute, especially love Keirans super cool jacket! Good shoppers!


I'm glad you had a wonderful summer. I missed your posts tremendously. I enjoy reading about your "finds" and your ideas for future topics sound terrific! Quite honestly, anything you write would be GREAT!


I love hearing it all - what you bought over the you resell are teaching me so much! Glad you are back!


I,too, just love hearing it all. You are very inspiring and I look forward to your posts. I like seeing your finds and reading about how you re-sell. Do what is
comfortable to you and know that I am thrilled that you are willing to share what you are doing with your readers. Thank you! Marie


I really just enjoy hearing about your life and your finds along the way ... I wonder sometimes if I will still be able to have my little shop after having kids, and your stories of a search for balance and happiness, or at least the parts you share with us, are certainly inspirational. Someone above said it right; we just want to hear your unique voice!

Hope you had a lovely summer. :)

Linda Bishop

I just love it when you report on your thrift purchases. That does it for me.

New Zealand


Beautifully stated Selena. And so true. "Deadlines came and went and there were times when I went to the bedroom and just escaped in a book because I couldn't handle the pressure." that's me more times that I'd like to admit :-) anyway, being gentle to oneself is usually the answer..

personally i like everything you post, so whatever suits your fancy it's fine with me.
i love to drool on your thrifty finds

Shabby Vintage Junk

Oh Lovey I AGREE with Amy....It IS WONDERFUL to 'hear' your voice....I'm THRILLED you took some time to relax & although I MISSED your posts, I'd PREFER you post without feeling you HAVE to....!!!!!

I LOVE all your posts to be honest which makes it hard to pick....I SMILE when you share your thrifted items & I find the information you impart when it comes to reselling is BRILLIANT....Whatever you decide to do, I know I'll be reading with PLEASURE....!!!!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah xx

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