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October 20, 2011


Tara C

Great Costume (and post over at goodwill). Your daughter looks just like you with that dark hair!

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

I had a TOTAL flashback of you when I saw this!


What a great costume! You should enter her photo in our costume contest. It's definitely a very unique idea.

Robin ;-)

The costume is fantastic and so original! Your daughter did a fabulous job of putting it together! The article says it all. You are setting an excellent example for your children.


Great costume. I thought it was you at first!


Very cute! Thrifting for Halloween is so fun! I just wish we had Goodwill here in Europe :(


Looks like she did a great job assembling all the pieces! All prepared and ready for a Happy Halloween!

Every thrift store I go in to now is PACKED with packaged costumes and new (unused) stuff for Halloween. I don't really understand - I wonder if it is leftover things from last Halloween?


Way to go Cerys! You look great :)


What a talented daughter. And what a proud Mama. Great job.

brenda from arkansas

erin fraser

I love this post and the linked one!

I am being Rosie the Riveter and I got the pants and top this year from Goodwill.

Love it!


Great outfit - and like the above comments say, she looks just like you with that dark hair :-)

Nice endorsement for the joys of Goodwill shopping too :-)


Cerys did a good job designing her Halloween costume for last year. I’m excited on what she will be designing this year!

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