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October 04, 2011


Nell's Vintage House

This is exactly the push I need. :)

My listing goal is to list 60 (new) items, not including relistings.

My sales goal is $1000.00. That would make Oct. my strongest month so far!

Selling Venue: Etsy


My goal this year is to list 30 vintage items and at least 5 upcycled hats in my Etsy shop. I've been trying to be good about listing the past two months and my returns seem to have really paid off. I broke 300.00 in August and September for the Etsy shop which I've never done before (so huge for me) I want to crack the 500.00 dollar mark this month if I can.


Thank you for doing this challenge! I have been doing the 'bay since July and Etsy since beginning September. I sell vintage, mainly mid-century, on Etsy (Vintage Dreams) and gently used fashions and items from today on Ebay (no store, member name memorylane80s). Every month my sales increase and I learn something new. This month on ebay I want to use up all of my 50 free listings and on etsy I would like to list 15 more items. I would like to have Ebay sales of $300 this month and etsy sales of $150. Looking forward to checking in next week!

One Gal's Trash

Great idea! Thanks for the motivation, Selena. My goal is to fill up my long-neglected Etsy shop. I'll shoot for 5 new items a week to start.


YAY! I love the challenges! My October Challenge is to also get my Etsy shop up to and stay at 200. I'm at 128 right now. I would love to also get my sales on Etsy up to $400 for the month. I know that the more I list the more things seem to sell, so here's hoping it all works together!

Thanks for keeping me motivated :)


I'm at around 60-70 items in my Etsy and Ebay shops. I'd like to get both of those shops up over 100. Like Selena said, sometimes its difficult...cuz things sell!! It's a good problem.

Ebay is fairly unreliable about exposure to your items...long story...but last week I had NO offers/sales/etc...NOTHING on Ebay for about 5-6 days. Fortunately Etsy was rocking and I did pretty well there.

I'd like to keep the momentum going on Etsy.

I'd like to have $500 in combined sales per WEEK. I hit that every once in awhile. But I'd like it to be consistent.



My goal this month is to list 1 item per day in my Etsy shop and to sell 5 items. Sold one item so just need another 4 sales. On target with my listing each day. The link to may shop is

Trina Curran

This is so great! I want to be in on the goal is to list at least 10 items each week, and to keep better track of my sales and costs meticulously. ;) I haven't been so disciplined about that.


I'm hoping to list 5 items, but revamp at least another 10! I hope to make 100 bucks, which might not seem like a lot, but I don't have a ton of inventory right now!


I'm looking at getting up to 200 listings in my eBay store. I'm currently at 91. And just list as much as possible in general. :) I'd love to reclaim some space in my office. No monetary goal.

Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I'm going to take your challenge, Selena! This is absolutely the month to do it. I have 103 items listed in my Etsy shop, 115 that have expired (!) and I'd like to list 50 new items before the end of the month. I have 3 shows in the next 6 weeks, a part-time job, high school applications and 2nd grade activities, so I don't know how realistic that goal is but LET'S DO THIS! Thanks for the motivation!

melissa klundt

Ideally, I would like to get my ebay store to 300 and my etsy store to 300, but I'm going to be happy with my ebay store to 225, and my etsy store to 275. I would also like to get my stuff pictured and organized, so I can walk and my two year old can have a place to play while I work. My $ goal is 3,000, the most I've sold so far is 1000.00, so we'll see.
Good luck everyone!


Adding to my challenge: I would like to get up to 200 listings in my Etsy shop as well. :)


My first goal is to list 100 items in my Storenvy shop {currently at 62}. My second goal is to open a store on eBay and list at least one item {baby steps}. Third goal is to open a store on Etsy but that might have to wait for the next Reseller's Challenge. Selena, thank you so much for the inspiration.


I want to list at least 60 new items before the end of the average of 2 items per day. Yikes, I sure hope this is realistic with work and family and all. But I'm motivated!! Thanks for the challenge! ~ Jenny

Here's my shop:


I want to list 5 items per day or 35 per week and have an average of $10 per item sold.

I stay home with my one year old and my 7 yr old comes home from school at 2:30, so this challenge will hopefully keep me organized.

I dont have an eBay store, but this is the link to my listings:

recherche rencontres

I love the Scavenger hunt <3

Amy K

My goal is to have over 500 items on Ebay...currently I'm at 429. Listed 9 yesterday!

Robin ;-)

I would like to get my eBay store back up to around 300 items but I will be happy with it averaging around 250 - I have 224 items in there now. I notice that the more often I list, the more sales I make. I have a lot of inventory and I need to get some of it moved out. I also need to find a new place for my flea market booth this month as I found out the place it is at is closing. Happy selling!


Glad to join the challenge! This is right on time with me transitioning to freelance life.

BIG GOAL: List everything that's accumulated in this house to sell online on eBay and Etsy at last. (100 items?)

I'll write a post soon with my detailed selling goals soon and link them here, as well as link the reselling challenge in the post :)

I made my eBay account and added the button the site, baby steps....

I love these challenges! I've been on a tear the first few days of October, because I've promised myself that I can't go seeking new inventory until I list what I have!

My goals are as follows:

Etsy: Bring total listings to 100.
(That's double the inventory I currently have listed, but I've got a closet full of lovely things to list.)

eBay: Add 5 additional auctions.

I'm not going to make just a big goal for eBay, as I just listed 14 items before I committed to this challenge! But I'm hoping to list a few more Halloween-related items this week.

Good luck to everyone!

Find me on Etsy:

Find me on Ebay as seller "rubyruin":


I've been vacillating. I didn't want to commit to something and then feel like I'd failed if I ended up not having time. But yesterday, I was reminded that my reselling is something that energizes me, so I won't be letting it fall off.

I would like to reach $1000 in overall sales between eBay and Etsy and Amazon. I've been having an off few weeks, so that's a tall order. I'm starting to question my pricing strategy. I'll report back on that. I'm really interested in people's overall pricing strategies. I feel really good, and then it stops working, and I feel like I have to completely reevaluate instead of just pushing through.

I'm at: recyclingethic and

I'm glad everyone is doing this :)

Kate [Kaytoe's Vintage]

Thanks for the inspiration! I'd like to get my Etsy shop up to 100 items this month - I'm currently at 72. Dollar wise, I had my best month yet last month and I'd like to beat that this month - shooting for $350 in total sales. I'd also like to continue taking baby steps on Ebay and list 10 total items there this month.

Shopping Golightly

My humble goal is to GET OVER my fear of starting a resale online shop and have one up and running by the end of the month. I'm terrified and not certain why.

I've great inventory that I'm willing to part with so that's not the issue.



Wow, there are some big goals here! I feel a little sheepish posting my goal - I would like to sell $200 worth of inventory this month. I have been pushing to reach that goal for awhile now, but keep stalling out for one reason or another. September was really strong for me as far as listing, but I had not done anything in my shop in August (I moved out of state and went on a big family vacation) so I lost some momentum as far as sales go.

I would like to list about 75 new items in my Etsy shop this October (I would go for 100 - but my computer died on Monday, so I think 75 will be more realistic). This month has started out very well so far, but without a computer for at least the rest of this week I have a definite set back.

Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting my goals and hearing about how others do too!

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