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October 20, 2011



Ooo!! Love me some Habitat ReStore!! I have found some of my best vintage pieces there. (Not to mention my perfect turquoise pyrex chaffing dish, silk velvet huge hat & two piece plaid suit!!)


What a gorgeous piece! I have my grandmother's old hutch, and it has many similar elements that coincide with the furniture above. In fact, the glass doors are identical.


wow, as usual you make me dream..this is the kind of shop i'd love to have in my area.
and Keiran is really your thrifting soulbuddy.



Isn't The Restore wonderful? I like that the money goes to somewhere that it is useful. People donate all kinds of brand new to used items. We have found some great things to help do DIY projects on a budget!


Love ReStore! Our society has become so 'throw-away' so it is great to see a place like this and know that people use it! Also supporting a good cause. Hmmm...might have to stop in there this weekend :)

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

That's really nice! Yes, a bit hodge podge, but I like the style. It doesn't seem to go with MCM though, does it?

Jodie SIlberman

thanks for the posts about the ReStore! I am the General Manager, Jodie - We are working hard to make our ReStore the ultimate destination with fabulous treasures for all. All of our proceeds go back to help fund the building projects for Habitat for Humanity right here in Sonoma County. BTW, I helped you this morning

designer furniture uk

spirit and his keen thrifting eye. He's pointing out more and more valuable things to me.

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