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October 31, 2011



I love it when last-second creative projects turn out even better than the original plans. The Waldorf Halloween you've described sounds so enchanting and Keiran's thrifty costume is adorable. This is my favorite holiday :)

Late Night Coffee

What a great mom you are for empathizing on a Halloween costume...I totally remember that panicky feeling too! And his "new and improved" costume...AWESOME!! How creative!

And thank you for the "scanner" article....really hit home!!!

Deana Wood

Thanks for hosting! What a cute kiddo!

Tara C

Oh my goodness he is cute!! Good save :)
We've done last minute costume changes more times than I can remember with my oldest, thankfully (like you) we have lots of costumy stuff hanging around.

NowSoLA Vintage

I love that story Selena. How wonderful that you could help him with the last minute change & that he felt so psyched about his completely cool vintage press costume! He looks awesome!
Have a wonderful & safe Halloween your way too :-)
Cheers ~ Lara

Amy zimmer

Haven't even read the story...keiran is just lovely!


Great save! Glad to hear the Halloween party had a happy ending!

Vicki K

Keiran's costume is very clever and he looks quite handsome!

I found myself in a similar bind with the tie business - don't forget that there are numerous "how to tie a tie" on YouTube!

Cap Creations

Thank you for hosting. The Halloween celebration at the school sounds fantastic!

We'd love for you and your readers to come join us at Cap Creations every Friday for a thrifty link up.


It is great to 'shop' at home. Great costume Keiran! Great parenting Selena!

Joy P

Thanks for hosting Thrift Share Monday. I love reading your blog.
- Joy


Very creative costumes.He looks great! Great mothering too.I can still remember my mom not understanding my last minute panics about things to this day and I am over60. Blessings


What a great Idea. Love that you used the camera! Moustache is a nice touch! Glad it worked out for him after all. He looked fabulous!

Shopping Golightly

Piper was a “Vampire-ista” with a taffeta maroon below the knee dress with a full skirt ($2 at ARC), a new black vinyl shoulder cape by Steve Madden ($5), and a pair of hot pink lace up leather boots from the closet.

All the girls in her trick or treat gang had original costumes from thrift. Piper tells me that many people complimented that.

The Golightly’s hosted Piper’s Girl Scout troop's annual Halloween party. It was old-fashioned fun, a pot luck with mulled cider, homemade caramel corn, a fire in the hearth and a Secrets of the Universe fortune reading. I was the gypsy who foretold the future. I lost my voice that night and still have yet to find it. I think one of our cat’s took it; probably the Maine Coone.

Emily Lopez

I just started my thrifting blog and participated in Thrifting Monday for the first time. I meant to post "The LoveCraft Vestige" instead of "Emily Lopez"..definitely wasn't thinking! (Mine is 65)

Not sure if I can afford to post every single Monday because my husband and I don't make a lot on a beginning Military salary. But I will try to participate as much as I can :)


so proud of your son. and as someone who works in communications, it warmed my heart to see the Press costume!

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This weekend we had a Halloween celebration at our Waldorf School. It's far different than most Halloween parties. Each class acts out a skit for parents and families to watch. Each student in the lower grades carves a pumpkin that is grown at the school. These pumpkins are lit and the campus becomes a magical place with the glowing orange light, children in costume, a bonfire and the scent of warm food coming from the kitchen. The day was very warm and the evening was so perfect.


Being supportive to our children makes them feel happy and secure.And with this kind of bonding we can share to them a good quality time they they will love and enjoy.

Kate McC

Hope everything is ok during this long posting break. I'll keep checking back.

amy zimmer

I am with Kate McC...miss your posts and know you are working, familying, and examining priorities.

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You don't have to purchase expensive gourmet foods like caviar to make a great food basket.


I'm with KateMcC and amy -- missing your posts. Hope all is well.


Hope everything is fine with you and yours. Missing your posts, and will keep checking back.


Missing your posts here in Ireland too. Hope its a welcome break for you and not wrecking your head/health.


Hope all is well!

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