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December 16, 2011


free lance writing

nice blog.
keep posting!


Love it! Have fun and hope you find lots of treasures! I'm off to my second market stall! xx Rach


oooo...i cant wait to see more!

Joy P

With such a great lead in you HAVE to post more after. Sounds really great.


Funny, I think I know where this house is!!! I used to live in San Rafael in an Eichler home. They are pretty amazing! So many people fixed them up to the nines! Once a year they have a fun event where people open their homes for others to see, it's called "Open Hearts, Open Homes"


Funny, my husband and I call our house a "knock-off Eichler." We live in Santa Clara (outside San Jose) and our whole neighborhood has nearly identical floor plan. It was built in the 50s and has a lot of the typical Eichler characteristics, exposed beam ceilings, low-pitch roof, open spaces, big front window, but it was made cheap and shoddy unlike the real deal. We bought it as a fixer upper and are slowly trudging along. Slowly. But, I have to say, I do love the feel of living in it. Although it's barely 1000 sq ft, it feels so much bigger. The ceiling was literaly falling in and when we re-did it we had the whole thing ripped off down to the beams instead of covering it up with a drop ceiling. Cost a ton, but worth every penny to keep the exposed beam look. Open and airy yet rustic texture. We hemed and hawed, but ended up painting the whole thing white, and I love it. Don't get my started on the bathrooms though...

Randy Robinson

Are you buying the house? I like how you said they can be like time capsules. Somehow items that have been in homes for a long time are almost part of the house itself, and to remove one would be equivalent to removing a floorboard.


Vintage homes are treasures for me. There are so much that you can learn from them.

Abdul Jackson

That's true, Selena! Homes that are built in the 1950's to 1980's are interesting sights! With the garden-dominated yard and a two-storey home, Americans will surely enjoy those kinds of homes. It's practically a dream home! It's good to hear that you enjoyed your travel. Cheers! :)

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