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December 02, 2011


Kate McC

Really glad to hear it's been best-case-scenario, not worst....

NowSoLA Vintage

Happy to hear of all your sales this season! You've inspired me to start selling on ebay in 2012...but I've too had my biggest month ever on Etsy. Need to list more but running soooo behind on photos. Good luck this weekend at the Faire, can't wait to see some pictures from your beautiful booth!
Happy Holidays ~ Lara


Nice to see you back on the blog circuit! November was a good month for me between ebay and Etsy. Seems like when Etsy is slow, ebay is rockin, and vice versa. I am focusing on being more picky when I select a resale item. I am also focusing on items that I can get a larger margin from selling. Example bought vintage Givenchy hosiery for 50 cents at a g-sale and sold them within 12 hrs on the 'bay for 14.99 (easy to photo and easy to ship for less than $2) or a talking Star Wars Yoda purchased for $6.25 at an estate sale and sold for 46.99 less about 12 buck shipping. Purchased a dslr camera recently so I am also working on better photography for my etsy store. I know once my photog improves, my etsy items will sell faster. Thanks for giving me a forum to share, Selena! ~Rachael, The Thrifty Picker


been missing you so much! your blog is inspiring to me :)

Amy Stark

So glad to hear you are well and just busy doing what you want to do. I miss your blog as well, I learn so much. I am working at a nonprofit thrift shop on the management team as a volunteer and I use all you share along with your faithful to make our shop filled with goodies at fair prices. Good luck at the sale this weekend.


Hoping you are continuing to have a wonderful time as your first day of WinterFaire is coming to a close.
The results you share for your listings seems like a dream come true but since we know how hard you are working for it all you give us hope that we can have good results as well.

Spymay 2000

Yes, that's a good kind of busy.You inspired me to sell some stuff on Ebay as my husband started a new job(for less $$, but much better benefits).That money fills the gaps for sure.Hope the Great Sale Fairy sprinkles her fairy dust your way this weekend :)


Wow Selena, you sure are busy. Have fun and update us when you can..
Past weekend I bought at the Waldorf fair a gorgeous pair of red shoes for 1 euro. Score.


That IS a great problem to have! My vintage Xmas stuff is going going gone! Some things that make nice gifts are doing well, and I'm on papernstitch this week! Good luck this month!


I miss your post's too

Joy P

You have been SO busy, bet you hardly have time to turn around. Sounds like things are going well.


oh my goodness what is the app that makes the cash register sound?


congratulations on your sales, nice to hear your writerly voice again

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