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January 16, 2012


Noe @ Adella Avenue

I love that metal sculpture! So glad you're having so much successful thrifting. Hope your sweetie is 100% better soon!


before i even read the text, i thought to myself 'is that a jere!' nice find...linking up

Joy P

Always look forward to your Thrift Share Monday. Just happy I actually had something to share this week. It has been 'dry' of any sales in my area since late November.


I, too, am attracted to vintage your notebook! Thanks for hosting the party!!!


both finds are excellent - and i can totally relate to the valuable lessons kids need to learn about money. isn't it funny how they can so easily spend yours but not theirs? i think that's because they see us making big purchases but don't realize we have equally big expenses. my son is 19 and i think that now that he's out on his own, he's really learning the value of money. i'm linking up too - i found some new thrift shops in Richmond BC!


i love that vintage notebook! i would definitely take my school notes in that :) i love your blog. it's so inspiring. thank you so much :)


Oh, how I wish estate sales were picking up around here. It's been pretty slow. Your finds are great, as usual!


Yay for you... holding out for the better pool table! Patience definitely pays off. :)

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. Lots of posts to check out. Sure like that metal sculpture.

tourist in my town

what a wonderful find for your son. that pool table looks like great fun.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

What a great find. My boys would adore that pool table - well done for not giving in to pressure.


sadly, i passed up a vintage address book containing a lovely handwritten note with many names and kinda looked like these names were to be entered into the book but never got there.

i should have bought it. i didnt. :(

my thrifty closet

lovely finds as always....thanks for hosting!



I love the look of that sculpture!


lovely finds, I esp. love the sculpture and vintage stationary! My best fleamarket finds in this beginning of the year are a lovely sheepskin coat for 13 euro (that I'm using daily) and 3 flower oil paintings (that I'm decorating a whole wall with) for 10 euro total.
hugs from freezing Milan

amy schleicher

Trying to teach my $5 year the same lessons. It's not easy...but I figure it's never too young to start. Love that notebook!

One Gal's Trash

Hi Selena,
My link is not about something I thrifted, but I was out thrifting when I saw it....does that count? It's just a whimsical, little message from the universe that I spied in NE Portland.

Bluebird Daydreams

Love that trick of asking kids if they want to use their own money. Ha.

tee shirt polo

C'est vraiment la bonne fa?on, vous discuter de ce genre de sujet. Good job.

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