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January 11, 2012



Happy Birthday to Cerys! Both of my kids are home sick today after being exposed to the cesspool of gems at school.Owen made it 3 days back- Lukas 4. And today I feel like crap:(


Happy Birthday to Cerys! She is growing into a beautiful young woman. :D


Oh how much changes in a year! So gradually, though, it's amazing.

I'm intrigued by the change of diet when sick. Though eliminating strong sweets makes sense, why wouldn't that also include honey?

We have plenty of honey since we have hives, so I will try that frosting recipe soon. It's such a great idea!


Sorry to hear that your daughter was sick on her birthday:( I hope she gets well soon. I did not know that sugar makes your immune system worse. Something for me to read up on!


isn't it wild watching them grow up? Idelle is in between - she still loves her baby dolls, (I made sure that Santa brought her a lovely Asian baby girl for Christmas, as her dream is to adopt someday and she's had her eye on this lovely doll - and I want her to hold onto her childhood as long as possible) yet she wants to wear her hair in the most updated styles and flat irons it every morning, and is experimenting with makeup (I let her wear it VERY lightly, which is all she wants, thankfully.) She wants me to tuck her in at night, yet I see a young woman emerging and she astounds me with her maturity sometimes (and other times the maturity is not quite so prevalent, lol) They are both in such a crucial transitional point. It's beautiful to watch, and challenging at the same time (for them and for us..for me anyhow!)

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