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February 08, 2012


Pam Kock

I sell at eBay, Etsy and also at a flea market booth. My goals are to:
1.) List 10 each day on eBay (and open a shop)
2.) List 10 each day on Etsy
3.) Visit my flea booth once a day (open Wed. - Sat) and rearrange at least part of it every two weeks.
4.) Organize my stuff, clean it, pack it and get it all off my office floor!

Thanks for the motivation :D

Nell's Vintage House

The Challenge has been great for me so far! My goal was/ is to list 3 new items a day, and I have been keeping up with that. And the best part...the listing is bringing in views...which is bringing in sales! Yay Sales!



I'm just beginning to sell as a business on eBay (I've been selling a little here and there over the years but never as a business). I've also opened an Etsy shop and am looking to try selling at a local farmer's market this spring/summer. My goal is to list 50 items between Ebay and Etsy this month. Wish me luck!



I sell vintage on Etsy, once in a while on Ebay ... though I don't quite understand Ebay, so I mainly stick to Etsy.

My goals for February are:

1) Post three new items for each day of the month.
2) Don't waste money renewing items before their 4 months is up!
3) Save late night listings as drafts - check for errors, etc & post in the morning when shoppers are awake.

So far, so good. Zero renews ... 28 new items listed, & 2 new listings / 8 older listings sold.

Wendy @ Salt and Wine

Keeping you and your mom in my prayers.

I've done pretty crummy since last Wednesday but my excuse is that my 9-5 job has been all consuming. I have today off (yippee!) so I plan on posting like crazy.


Listed 8 items last week and 3 items this week in keeping with my minimum of five items a week (still have two to go this week)

Also trying to ramp up my social marketing via a new facebook page! Fingers crossed!


I have 58 current Ebay auctions open with a few watchers on some of the higher end price points, yay!

I have photographed items for Etsy and have been listing an item per day. I do a mixture of new crafts and vintage/resale there so I want to post each day and mix it up.

And I'm heading out to a new thrift store today that is supposed to get the end of the furniture run in our local Goodwill chains - hoping that means great deals! I can consign furniture for an extra $5 where my booth is so it gives me a chance to dabble to see if I like it...just need something to revamp!

Good luck with your drive to WA!


I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she continues to feel better each day.

It is so funny. I just started re-selling on ebay again after doing it full time for a year about 9 years ago. At that time, Boynton and Starbucks mugs were great sellers, too. And here they are...9 years later! :)

I hope to get a post up about this today. I am joining your challenge and looking forward to it.


As a side note we got a set of 4 of the Starbucks city mugs almost 10 years ago? They're still the daily coffee mug for my husband and myself. You can split the contents of a full french press perfectly between two mugs. How I get my morning started every day :)


I've been slacking. I have a goal of 40 new listings. So far I have 11, but no big items. I'm selling at a market this weekend so I'm in hopes to sell a lot. If not then listings will be heavy next week.

Robin ;-)

I sell on eBay and started a booth at a local antique/gift shop/flea market. I set up my booth on Monday taking over 150 items. I plan to take stuff and rearrange every 1-2 weeks. This is the slow season so will increase visits as we head towards late spring and summer. I only listed one item on eBay last week which sold 10 minutes after it was listed. I plan to ramp up my listings this week. Thanks for the challenge.

So sorry to hear about your mom. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts.


My goal is to reach 250 items in my shop by the end of February. I started last week at 204 and today am at 226. Next week I will be out of town so listing will slow to a crawl or stop so I need to focus this week and the week after next to reach my goal.


Well. I got a ton of pictures taken, just in time for the free listing day on Tuesday.

I didn't get the Turbo-Lister figured out yet, so I hadn't started listings, but I took the whole day off of Facebook and just listed.

Managed to get 54 new patterns and 4 relists up, along with one prior to that, so I still have 49 of my monthly free.

I don't have a blog, but this is me on Ebay:


I plan to list a total of 30 items this month in my Etsy shop. Another goal was to work on my blog (newbie blogger). So far I have listed 11 new items this Month. By the way oops- I linked my blog about the challenge then realized I was supposed to just link my shop-sorry- duhhhh.


my goal is 30 new items listed between my ebay and etsy and $700 in sales...
10 new listings between the two sites and so far $95 in sales


oh, and i was sooo close to a 50 craigslist sale! i usually dont sell on cl but every once in a great while. the guy has more evening work hours and that is when i can meet up (my husband always goes along). his emails have dropped of and he didnt return my last call, so i think its a dud!

Kate [Kaytoe's Vintage]

My goal was to list 58 items this month, and so far I'm at 10...48 to go! It's going well, but I'm going to have to step it up to meet the goal!

So sorry to hear about your mom...I'm sending good thoughts.


Best of luck to everyone in reaching your goals! :) My personal goal right now is to not buy any more inventory until I have accomplished two things: draft/list 75% of my unlisted inventory and sell at least 25% of my inventory. This goal may take more than the month of February to complete, but I am using this listing challenge as a motivator to get it done as soon as possible.
My Etsy shop:
My blog:


Well shoot, in my link up I posted my blog link instead of my shop link. Doh! Screwed that up. ^^;


I set a goal of $500.00 for February, and also a goal of repopulating my slightly neglected Etsy shop. I managed to get 8 items listed on Ebay and 2 on Etsy. Sold one so far.... hopefully I'll get more done this week!

I can't seem to keep up with a blog, but I have a Facebook page with links to my store and Ebay items.


I just started thrifting/reselling on ebay with a goal (I've done it in the past, but nothing consistent). My goal to start is to net $300/month, and to have at least 20 listings always at one time. Right now I have 34 listings, and 13 have active bidders (my big score was some vintage Barbie clothes - I spent about $8 and will probably net well over $100).


I currently have 297 items on ebay.
and around 234 on etsy.
My goal is to reach 350 on ebay and 300 on etsy and get some of my boxes of inventory listed and organized
Also, not to shop until I have all of my backstock listed- that will be the hardest goal!

Deeda in Seattle

I've been selling on eBay since July 2011. My listing goal is to get up to 125 listings and maintain that by listing 5 items a day on average. I would like to break my $1400/mo glass ceiling--I just can't seem to do it! I also would like to start selling on Etsy this month regularly...Here's my link to my eBay store:


My listing goal is to get 7 new items in Etsy and at least 5 auctions on Ebay.

I have been sadly ignoring both venue .
I currently have 234 items on Etsy.None on Ebay.


I wanted to get 10 new items up this week, and I did. I wanted to shoot some new pictures for things that weren't selling - and I didn't - because a few things sold! Yahoo! I also went and bought a little bit of new stock, so my new goal is ten more listings this week! go, team relist!

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