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February 16, 2012



Best of luck on your trip! It's smart to put your shop on vacation - one less thing to worry about.

So far I feel that I have done well to list lots of new things in my Etsy shop, but sales really tanked this week. Since Feb 1 I have:
-Listed/drafted 80 new items
-Sold 16 items (1 of which was from the listing challenge)

The other part of my goal has been not to shop until I list 75% of my unlisted inventory and sold 25% of what I have now. So far so good there! I haven't bought anything since Feb 1!

Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's progress. :)
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So my goal for February is $500, an so far I've sold two items for a grand total of $30.00! Not so great, but I only listed a few things. (Partly because I got a new button machine and was listing new items in my non-vintage shop)

I've decided to experiment with shopping at regular stores to find new and discontinued items to resell on ebay. Not as much fun, but there are no garage sales this time of year in my area, and estate sales are few and far between.

Hoping to do better this week!

My Etsy shop:
Ebay username: amidala6


This was my first week participating in the challenge, and actually my first week listing as a business. I listed 17 items on Ebay and 4 on Etsy. I sold 7 items on Ebay for a total of $62.76 and nothing sold on Etsy. I'm starting small (invested about $10 to make the $60+, then I'll invest the $60 and make... $360??)

Anyway, I'm seriously considering double-listing for a week because I'm afraid my Etsy shop isn't going to do very well, and I might only list hand-made items on Etsy, and put everything that's used on Ebay (I currently have some vintage clothing on Etsy).

Anyway, my goal was to list 50 items this month and I've listed 21 so far, so I think I'm on track! I'm still getting paperwork done and just starting to get going with all of this, so I'm just happy to sell anything!

Ebay username: welovevintagewarez
Etsy shop:


my goal is 30 listed and $700 in sales.
i have listed 14 items and am still sitting at $100 in sales. ugghh. no sales since last week. crickets!! but i will keep listing and i know it will pay off. i need to remind myself that i am planting seeds for future sales.
i have had alot of etsy activity with store favorites and being added to circles along with a few treasury features. again, planting those seeds.
maybe i will call this my 'gardening week'!

...praying for your family


@angie~how exciting! i remember when i started my etsy shop. etsy is a very different animal than ebay. to me both seem to be feast or famine, but i enjoy doing it and that is what keeps me going. what i love in particular about etsy is that you can really market your shop. join teams, add to your circle, create treasuries, favorite other shops and items. this all lays the groundwork for sales :) good luck, i will visit your shop and add you to my circle :)

Nell's Vintage House

I'm still trucking along. I've been trying to keep up with my 3 items a day listing goal. Does it count if I average 3 items a day :)

The first week of the challenge my sales skyrocketed. They have sort of flatlined this past week, with only 1 sale. Such is the ebb and flow I guess.

Typically I sell on Etsy, but found a few items that I thought were more Ebay worthy and listed those (snoopy sheet and deadstock 1980s Nikes) both of those are set to end in a few days and have some bids, so yay Ebay!



Glad your week went well. Hope the trip does too.

I've done "ok" with my challenge goals but they never seem to far exceed which is really what I'd like. :)

I maxed out all 50 of my Ebay freebie listings and still have my fingers crossed for another unlimited free listing day but Ebay doesn't seem to be cooperating. I've sold $143.00 thus far in clothing on Ebay which is the highest ever for me.
Etsy store is up but quiet. I've joined a "team" that's local to my area and am trying to get one new item a day posted. I'm doing the hard/new things first to carve out my shipping standards and I'm hoping that pays off in the long run. I've also saved some draft listings for the days that are just too crazy to think.

Thanks for the challenge! Congrats to everyone on their successes!


Doing pretty well, 15 items listed so far. Sold 4 items last week. Only sad part is that an item I shipped out last week apparently never got scanned in at the post office and is lost somewhere in the aether. One potential downside of printing all my postage at home. *sigh* Fingers crossed that it'll turn up somewhere!


So far I have listed 20 new items this month in my Etsy shop. My goal was to list 30 items in February so I'm almost there. I have 61 items in my shop now.

I have sold 6 items in February for a total of $101.95. Most of my items are low ticket prices - so I think I will be shopping for higher end pieces next time I thrift.

I'm enjoying myself tremendously and sometimes wish I could try this full-time. Maybe maybe not... I love shopping too much.

I've gotten lots of people favoriting items so I'm hoping sales pick up in next few weeks and next month.

I'll be keeping my thoughts and prayers for your family- can't imagine how tough it must be. Hang in there!


I've netted about $200 in sales this week on eBay. Not bad! I haven't sold anything on Etsy before, but I did pick up a few items to list on there and give it a try. We'll see how that goes! Ebay fees are just getting to be so much that sometimes it seems like it's not worth it. I've got a couple of things with over 10 watchers that end soon, so we'll see how those go!


Hmmm. I'm half way through my listing goal, however I sold some of what was listed at a market, and did pretty good at that market. I'm happy with that. :-) I now need to focus on my listings.

Suburban Sunlight

I might not have listed 10 items a day, but I think I came pretty close. Not talking about a specific dollar amount from this week, but I did have a steady parade of packages to drop at the post office. :) Yay!

I obtained a few really great items to list - some of which are on, some waiting. Organized my office/work space and set up a good place to take photos. Listing is a lot easier when you've got a good system in place (and a rolling computer chair :)).

John Fiedler

We doing o.k. for rookies... 30 items between Ebay and Etsy, sold 6 and after shipping we have about $50 in pay pal! Not bad for our first week. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration and knowledge!


I listed eleven, and sold four in the last seven days - though one was just an hour after I listed it...and three hours after I brought it home!
I made a little under fifty bucks, but I had a great time, and spent a lot of time on researching items! I found the bottom of a Robert Jeffereson Poole pottery stew pot that is awesome, and I never have seen anything like it before! I thought it was a planter!

John Fiedler

@Heather good for you!...which item sold so fast?

ebay username: Fiedler612

John Fiedler

This is the blog my wife and I started too... So fun! Thanks!

Wendy @ Salt and Wine

Congrats on the sales! I listed quite a few things but I didn't sell. Do you feel that Ebay works better than Etsy? Or do certain things move faster on certain sites?

Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.

gertie @ The Old Block House

I did absolutely terrible on listing this week, but selling didn't go too bad. The flu bug has hit and just when I think I've kicked it, the little bug comes back and bites me again.

So tomorrow should be sunny and lots of photos will be taken. My goal for this week is set at 100 listings again. The inventory is there, it simply has to be listed.

On a personal note, I hope all goes well with your mother. The move in to a convalescent home can be difficult. My prayers are with your family.


I dropped the buck in week two, listing only three items ... ugh! I did resist the urge to Renew, though, & haven't renewed a single item this entire month! Yay, me!

I sold 14 items, 3 of which were listings from week 1 of the challenge.

Let's hope my panic attacks start to subside & allow me to get some more work done. It was a busy weekend full of estate sales so I've got plenty of inventory to photograph & list.

Hang in there, this is a rough time for anyone. All my best to you & yours.


My goal is to add at least five new items to my store each week. I'm also trying to migrate my Storenvy shop over to eCrater but it seems like twice as much work. My second goal is to just buckle down and relist five items a week to eCrater.


My goal is 250 items in my store by the end of February. I'm up to 233 now. Just 17 more to go!


My first week in business went fairly well. I'm pretty sure I sold (Antique mall booth - not totally sure!): A cowboy hat, blue Tupperware sugar and cream containers, a small thermos, a mushroom mail sorter and a pair of Austrian felt slippers. I added a set of 4 Fire King cups/saucers today, and will be stopping by to add more items tomorrow. Goal going forward: keep track of the prices I put on things, so I know how much I made when something sells (duh!).

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