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February 27, 2012



Thanks for hosting, Selena! I love the Porsgrund set...and "Lava" is such a cool name for a glaze, isn't it? Great find.


Great to hear that your mom is back at home! And glad that you got to have some fun thrifting too. :)


So glad that your mother is home. Still sending positive vibes her way. Waah! I miss BI, too!! How fun to be able to see friends and find great inventory. Can't wait to see the listings!!

Wendy@ Salt and Wine

So happy to hear your mom is home! As for the rude lady- all you can do is laugh and shrug it off (which is easy for me to say now however if I was in your position at that time I'm not sure how gracefully I would have handled it, lol). Wonderful finds! Good to hear you packed your van. :)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Glad to hear that your mum is still fighting and doing better. That pottery is beautifully earthy.

***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

Noe @ Adella Avenue

So happy to hear the good news about your mom. Have a safe arrival back home.

Amy zimmer

Such good news about Penny! Isn't so invigorating to spend time with your beastie! Ian very happy for you and proud of your driving drive!

Joy P

Welcome home. Sounds like you had a great thrifting trip to your Mom's and back. Glad to hear your Mom can be home again. Thanks for hosting, always glad when I have something to add.

Denise M

That was a big road trip. Glad to hear your Mom is able to be home again. Thank you for hosting.

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. Glad your Mom is able to be at home again. Great buying road trip.

Sandy @ RE

Hi, Selena. Happy to hear about your Mom. Good news! I did not go thrifting but I'm starting to get the bug ... will come back here and link up if I do. Miss you!


I add my support for your Mom's continuing improvement, and happiness at her being home, again! I imagine how much that lifts off your shoulders!

Also noting how many "Joys" are amongst the ATG followers! Now, that's bringing more Joy into your life!!! LOL


Glad your mom is doing better! SOunds like the woman at the estate sale was trying to let you know you were in on her territory? Funny how ridiculous people can be! Your such a sweetheart but I'm glad you held your ground!


Based on your life this week we are all gratefull you even bothered a posting! Very happy to hear your Mom is home.


Glad your Mom is home and you got to have a visit. Thanks for doing the thrift share.

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy

lovelovelove those varying colors of that pottery!


The pottery is wonderful!

And yes, I thrifted and I share. I just don't link :)

Joy P

I finally got to go thrifting yesterday and I hope you don't mind that I linked up twice this week. Its been a LONG time since there was something to find. Your blog continues to inspire me.

Denise M

Thanks for sharing. Some great posts to read.


I have to tell you; I am so glad to hear that your mom is doing well :) I've often wondered..she's a lovely lady.

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