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March 05, 2012



I love that Arabia cat pitcher, those designs are always so much fun! It's always the best when you find things that are personally meaningful like that book.
You're lucky with your good weather this week. It was rainy and snowy so yard and estate sales were a total bust out here on the East Coast.

Vintage Scapes

What a wonderful haul of finnish goodies! You are also incredibly knowledgeable about books, I find the thought of selling them to be overwhelming...


I say finding Perrine is amazing! Even with that great selling price - will you? Sell? It looks to be in the most wonderful shape! I contend that successful experiences thrifting are "intention & intention & intention"! Everytime clarity is present, (like from your last week's post), I witness incredible, focused items appear before you! Wonderful to read about! Wish I could "Like" you on FB one more time & be #1000!! Congratulations!

Joy P

I tried the same - leave it it you don't want to sell it - shopping this weekend. First flea and garage sale (3) as opposed to none for a long time. Wrote everything up and put one piece in giveaway. Thanks for hosting.

The Thrifty Picker-Rachael

Love the kitty cat pitcher. I cannot wait for the weather to turn yard-sale warm here, but thankfully the thrifts and estate sales are around!

one gal's trash

Hi Selena,
Thrift Share is such a great way to start the week. My post is not about something vintage, but it's about a very special gift (based on an old French painting) from a friend. I thought you might like to see it.
Bye for now,


Those glasses are beautiful! I'm glad you had a productive weekend of thrifting! Thanks for hosting the party!!!!

Jan @SouthernJunkin'

Lovely glasses! SCORE on the book!! Thanks for hosting!!

Kate at Bibliocycle

Thanks so much for hosting & for sharing your fantastic finds and your great ideas. I don't have a blog, but I posted a link to an Arabia Finland Rice vase I have for sale in my Etsy shop. It was my thrift score for the week. I didn't do so well over the weekend -- just a single purchase at an rummage sale.

Kate at Bibliocycle

Oops -- "a" rummage sale. More coffee!

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy

that cat pitcher is delightful and I'm not even a cat person!

Cap Creations

Thank you so much for hosting! Off to visit some links now!


Love your link up! Thanks for hosting!

Denise M

Thank you for hosting. I love reading your posts.

Joy M

Yay the gs season has finally started in my area. I have some stuff that is fresh from a flea this week. Happy dance. Thanks for hosting.


That arabia pitcher is incredible. I always die when I find arabia anything to add to my fledgling collection.


Hi there Miss Selena! I've been MIA from the world of blogging for a while but I raced over here to see what you have been up to. Loved the cat pitcher very much.

You look stunning in your photo! I always thought you were a very striking woman :D

Well, I'm going to go back and read what I have missed out on for almost a year!



I like the arabian pitcher. It is nice.


When i read your blog i found how fashionate you are.

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