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March 12, 2012


Wendy@ Salt and Wine

Ohhh.... I SO understand what you mean! Like you, I am refraining from buying until I move what I have (which is -a lot-). Unless I see something I know I can sell or that I can't live without, I'm going to have to pass for a while. I've also learned a lot in the last few weeks (a big part of it from reading your blog so thank you for that) about what items I know best and what I'm the most comfortable selling. There are days that I look at everything I need to list and get extremely overwhelmed, too - but it's worth it. :)


Thank you so much for hosting this and for sharing so much of your thought processes and habits regarding re-selling. My goal for this week is to set some goals for myself and think more about a routine for my days that involve a little one and now my budding re-selling business. :)


I was thinking something similar to this just this morning. I'm buying like this is my full time job, and then trying to fit listing and cleaning and photographing items around everything else in my life. I have a full time job and a husband and outside family. I need to take a day to get this stuff organized and listed instead of buying more inventory!
But I do love the hunt!


I sold those owl bookend about a year ago on Ebay for $50. They went fast!! I'm doing the same, too. Getting rid of my mistakes, so I only have quality merchandise. Can't wait until I catch up!!!


The stress of the unlisted merchandise is why I had to stop ReSelling. I just never had the time. It would have been great to narrow my focus, but I think everyone must go through the period of casting a wide net to see what you want to sell. Glad to hear you are starting to streamline your business.


My goals are similar...I need to back off on the buying until I catch up on cleaning, photographing, and listing. Not to mention my little house is bursting at the seems! It's hard to do, though, when shopping is the most fun part. ;) Thanks for hosting!


Thank you once again Selena for another amazing and thoughtful post. Just want you to know how much all the time you spend on your posts are so much appreciated! It is a real kindness to share your helpful knowledge with others. So many people benefit from YOU!


Perfect Post! I have been selling vintage clothing for years now and am realizing the truth in quality over quantity.
I read somewhere the less you "handle" an item, the more time you save.
So I endeavor to only handle an item three times ( processing, measuring, listing).
Thanks for putting in words how I feel!


I can relate to all that you are saying, especially the indecision.

Amy Zimmer

Whoo Hoo! Time=Money! I never really understood the I stayed in this biz for the fun and adventure. How the stars line up, thinking the same thoughts...wanting a lot less!

Vintage Scapes

I've acquired so much merch. and still continue the struggle to actually start listing items! It's as if I were contemplating opening Pandora's box... sigh

Joy M

Your post today states very clearly what I have been thinking about as well. The stress of the 'not right for the sale venue' stock is real. I like the way you make your decisions. I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past year (actually longer than that) as you have firmed up your business plans as a reseller. Very helpful.

Thank you for hosting. I noticed that it is not easy to match the comment to the post and Funky Junk suggested putting the number in the comment, so I am trying that today. My post is number 34.

I have added your blog to my 2nd blog list ( which is my 'show and tell' dealers in a mall blog.


Thrift Shopper for Peace

You have some lovely items there and i always love it when you tell us about your process. your openess is an education for all of us! i'm also glad that you link directly to your ebay shop from here - i tried doing a search on ebay for you last week and couldn't find you. you have some beautiful things in your store!


I love that philosophy! I've only just begun reselling more regularly and intentionally since January. I've started listing some things on Etsy, but after rethinking my goals, I'd rather focus on eBay (less time having to market my store) even though they have much higher fees. I've only sold one thing on Etsy, but frankly have not had the time to get my store "out there". I may just end up selling the stuff at a garage sale this spring.


I love those owl bookends you found. I very rarely buy to sell on ebay. I'm terrible about listing things. I list a bunch of stuff a few times a year but I haven't ever been able to get in the habit of doing it all the time.

Jem @ Beautiful Clutter

Those owls are fantastic!! Utterly fantastic!! :-)

I also found an owl this week :-)

Jem xXx


I, too, am trying to be more selection in the things I purchase. Thanks for a thought provoking post AND for the party!!!


I agree -- I enjoy it when you blog about your methodology as a reseller. And you're right: it is time (and space) consuming to store inventory. It takes a lot of thought!

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy

yes. unlisted items cause me stress. we are working on ridding ourselves of the magnitude of our pile. it's slowly working.

i get so irritated with myself when i can't decide what to do with a moves from me keep to sell to give away and back again.


Just found your blog a few days ago and love it!

Cap Creations

Thanks for your thoughts about your "system" in this post. I am just getting into selling and have no habbits good or bad yet. Hopefully I can figure out the good ones soon. Thank you for hosting.

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. I agree with what you say about buying and selling. I have so much 'stuff' that I bought and need to let go.

Denise M

Thanks for hosting. Very good points about buying for your shops.

beats by dr dre

This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the good work

gertie @ The Old Block House

I put into action the "should I buy this just 'cause I can sell it" thought process this Saturday at an auction. I passed up a few things that were smaller and would sell, but would probably take up more space and time than they're actually worth. It was far easier to unload after spending the entire day at the auction, organize things, and make a plan of action on the items.

Now to unbury from all the stuff I've brought home previously! Starting on that mound this week.

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