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March 26, 2012


Vintage Scapes

You have a great knack for jewelry and, well, just for about anything that has a good reselling value! Every time you mention Waldorf schools I become more curious. I had never heard of them prior to finding your blog.


Cerys looks amazing hanging there! What a cool opportunity they have, and you are rightly proud :)


Love the goblets! Sounds like a good weekend.

Wendy@ Salt and Wine

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! The Silver wine funnel is beautiful and I am envious (in a good way) of your gold earring find. Pretty sweet when you realize you just purchased something worth almost $400.00!


Wow, what an awesome find with those earrings!!!


I wish I could find more Blenko in this area. Lucky you!!! Thanks for the party!

Thrift Shopper for Peace

i love dishes too and love denby in particular but i stick with my boring corelle because my kitchen is so small and i can stack twice as much corelle in a cupboard as any other fine china or pottery. i'd love to hire a potter to custom make a set for me... but again, where on earth would i store it?

shannon (recycleista)

Our finds always seem to parallel..although mine are always on a smaller scale! and not as cool. lol.
Last week I found a lone little Heath mug and you blogged about your HUGE heath score.
Then today I'm working on listing my Denby jug and researching the 2 Denby mugs I found, and here it is...Denby!!
If only that would work with the sterling and gold and Iittala!!

Daisy Chain

It's funny to read about the store, Debenhams, on a US blog. I've been shopping in the city centre branch since I was a child, although then it was called Pauldens.

Denise M

Major find with the earrings. Thanks for hosting.

Joy M

Great finds. Wow on the earrings. Thanks for hosting.

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. Great bunch of posts to read. Good buy on those earrings. Sure like the Denby dishes.


What a magnificent weekend! I am wondering about the light fixture. Does it raise and lower on its cord? My childhood home had one of those, and I've always wondered what they are called.

Selena Cate

Yes, it does lower and raise. When I did a google search this morning I found a few using the term retractable. It seemed like the perfect description. My best friend in Norway had one as well and I used to think that it was a fabulous invention. Im undecided as to whether to keep it or sell it.
xoxo Selena


wow, go Cerys and Keiran!
I want to go to Waldorf school myself! At almost 38, go figure ;-)


Cap Creations

The candle holder is neat almost looks like a bottle stopper. Thanks so much for hosting. You and your readers are always welcome to join my thrifty love link up too!

busana muslim

This is a great posting I have read. I like your article.


Hi popping in from Back c2 Vintage....I watched Storage Wars last night and they found an item very similar to your "Wine funnel" only he had it appraised and it was an ear horn or ear tube used for hearing. They can bring a lot of money and the appraiser said what ever you do don't clean it.

We had the very same light fixture hanging over our 1950's Florida ranch house. You were able to lower and raise the light to you liking. I wouldn't have any idea on a set value, but I hope that helps you date the light.~Ames


I'm always amazed at your finds. Thanks again for hosting. :)

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

Wow, I love the circus photos. What Cerys is doing astounds me! I think that I would have thrived in a Waldorf education :)


I went to the Junior League Rummage Sale, too! I thought I might run into you there (we have previously run into each other at the Sebastopol Library - last summer). I had thrifting remorse over the small MCM desk in the back that I didn't buy...

Love your blog and hope to run into you again at Hospice Thrift, the library or the circus.

abercrombie madrid

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