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April 01, 2012



Congrats on both milestones! Hope your anniversary is wonderful and special! :)

Paulette Sanderson

Happy Anniversary to both of you! Congratulation on your 800th post, your blog has inspired me and taught me new things. While I may not comment very often, I'm gong to try and change that, I appreciate all the things that you share with us.
Enjoy your anniversary.

gertie @ The Old Block House

I'm so happy to read of your milestone in blogging, your wonderful marriage anniversary, and your personal growth.

Congratulations on the happiness and success that you've created in your life!


You two still look the same! Happy Anniversaries! Love and hugs,


Hi Selena,
WOW! I LOVE your love story!!! I am SO glad you didn't settle! WOW again and again! Love, career, beautiful children, success all 'round. Happy anniversary! Well done!

Jem @ Beautiful Clutter

Congratulations on your anniversary and on your 800th post!

Jem xXx

NowSoLA Vintage

What a beautiful story Selena. Congrats on 2 amazing accomplishments...and a very happy anniversary to you & your hubby!
Cheers ~ Lara


Congratulations on the anniversary and another lovely post. Your writing is a blessing and an inspiration to your readers.


I'm so happy for you Selena! You are such a generous person, and a TRUE inspiration! Too bad I don't get to see you around the island any more, but one day we'll meet again, I'm sure :) Love, Julie

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

Selena, as you often wrote to me in high school, "we've certainly had our ups and downs," but I do congratulate you on your anniversary and I am glad that you are so happy. I would always bite when you showed any interest in me because I found you an interesting person. Have a wonderfully romantic day!

Vicki K

Congratulations on a Wonderful anniversary!! I am glad that you and Dave have each other. And that he encouraged you to be Apron Thrift Girl (in addition to your other facets) - thank you for your honest and genuine blog.


Once again, thank you so much Selena for sharing that and for celebrating what is so special and important to you with your blog readers. Congratulations on the 800th post. Each one has been insightful, helpful, funny and full of friendship.

I so enjoy reading, over the years, how you have decided _for sure_ once and for all_to change something within yourself, your business, your day....only to change it again to better suit your needs at the time. It seems as if each change is a building block to a better you and a better understanding of yourself and your business. I appreciate you pointing out what a "scanner" personality is, since that has helped me understand myself so much better, too!

I am also so happy you found the man that would adore what makes you special. I have one of those too! My house is filled with vintage, floral hats. Hung on the walls, propped on tables. I have a wall filled with violet hankies, shelves filled with chenille bedspreads. I am compulsively creative with a laundry room filled with my art supplies. My husband says nothing about it and takes a silent pride in his funny wife. So I truly understand what a special man you have and how wonderful you appreciate that in him.

Lovely! Much luck and love and thanks!........ and by the way!..... there is nothing "small" about your rubber stamp or shipping label posts....geeky me LOVES those posts! Here's to many more!


What a wonderful post! Love is an amazing thing. Thank you for sharing your family, your life, and your love of vintage with us.


Congratulations on two very important milestones and for sharing the joy of both with your readers.
You have personally brought together a supportive community right here from your blog, making far reaching connections and long lasting friendships.

Wishing the happiest anniversary so far for you and Dave and may each one continue to bring you new adventures and pleasures.

Joy M

Thank you for sharing such a loving post. You are my first read of the day when you post and sometimes I go back to check again just in case I missed something. You have laid out how you do what you do and it has been very helpful. I love your Thrift Share (totally love it) and read each post that links for your Monday Thrift Share. Keep on keeping on.

Charlene Austin

I love coming here! Happy Anniversary! And 800 posts! You go girl!!

Crystal Bandy Thomas

Thank you so much Selena! and congratulations to you and Dave and the the ATG blog!

shannon (recycleista)

Happy Anniversary! Mine is in 9 days...but a couple years behind you...13 for us this year. I too married someone who's fully supportive of this 'biz' and gets it!
We are very fortunate!!

Congrats again!

: : Garden Girl : :

Apron Thrift Girl, I'm sorry that I've never commented but I do so enjoy your blog. I have you bookmarked and catch up at least once a week. Keep up the good work. And happy 800th Post and 15th Wedding Anniversary! My husband and I have had that anniversary, times two! It just gets better when you're married to your best friend. : ) Thanks again.


What a beautiful story, happy anniversary to you both.


I imagine this will sound like a 'mutual admiration society' club meeting...what with all the positive comments about us, the readers, in this post...That being said...What a wonderful Post #800!! I love seeing the travel picture of you & Dave from waaay back! I love your expression of gratitude in the re-telling of the start of your journey as a couple! (And this is my opportunity to compliment the new-ish banner picture!) (I love your new palette) So...I support & love all your writing, work, family shares & personal process - I'm routing for continued success & manifestation beyond wildest dreams!

ps...I got distracted tonight, watching Mad Men, when they were drinking from the Dorothy Thorpe glasses...And by the pink double wall oven in Betty's kitchen!! All That was going through my head was; "Selena shared those both with us on her blog last year!!" LOL


Happy Anniversary! For both blog and marriage! To many many years of love, pleasurable work, and thrift adventures.

many hugs


thank you for sharing such a special time with all of us!
I originally found you through a search for "gluten free". But I stayed because I love all that you find, and all that you teach us. I have become a thrifter and although I will most likely never become a reseller, I use bits and pieces that I find and repurpose them into art. My eyes have been opened to the world of estate sales and vintage and mid century modern (which I fell instantly in love with).
I'm sad to see that you were so anguished in the past... I think I know what that feels like. But how wonderful that you are now able to look at the life you've created and be fulfilled. Happy blog post, and Happy Anniversary Selena!


Love your post, Selena. Congrats on 16 years of marriage and your 800th blog post! So happy for you and that you share your wonderful finds and thrifting wisdom each week with us. May you experience many more wonderful years of marriage, thrifting and blogging. :)


Woohoo, those are big things!! Congrats on both 15th and 800th! I don't know if I've read all 800 of them, both I think it's not far off. I remember reading the archives back to the beginning when I first found ATG (or actually, I think it was my DH who found you) and loved reading stories from someone who was (and IS!) as crazy about thrifting as we are. I still can't pass an "ugly" pot or an unattractive owl on a flea market booth without thinking of you ;-)


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