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July 17, 2012



My sales have been slow as well. I have been shopping hard and trying to get listings up. 246 items woohoo.
I am going for 300 before school starts and 500 by year end.(what else will I do during the winter blizzards)

Good luck with your listings.


Wow ladies, I wonder now if I can get to 300. I'm at 250, and it's been lovely. But the push needed to get to 300 makes me tired to think about. You'd think that staying inside all day escaping the oppressive hellish heat would make a person more productive, but alas, 'tis not true.

On an entirely different note (maybe not quite), it is so important to give yourself grace when you're tired, or grieving, or hungry, or frustrated, or whatever. Being human means needing rest and recuperation. It also means that we are not automatons, and we cannot bounce back easily from big hits (football metaphor-yikes!).

So everyone, be kind to yourself. You're awesome just as you are, and your best today is good enough :)

Selena Cate

very well said Megan! I think we all need to remember this.


I appreciate the tips and reminders. I can't wait to launch my online stores, but want my merchandise pedantically organized into bins before I take the leap. Gotta hurry!

Good luck Selena!


You were quoted in an article in my paper ( The News Journal in Wilmington, Delaware). It was a USA Today article by Jessica Tully about the recession and thrift stores. I was excited when I read your name. You're famous !!

Vicki K

Selena, with all that's been going on in your life, I was wondering how you are adjusting to and living in your new home. Do you use the spaces differently that you originally thought? Do you have more space for your store items and a good flow for other home activities?

The last time I moved I didn't get things on the wall until about 6 - 8 months. Have you gotten everything settled? I was just excited for you and your family when you posted about it!

Selena Cate

Vicki, the house is much smaller than our rental with very little storage room. Ive had to really look at my business model and make some drastic changes. Ill be writing about them very soon. Lots of exciting news to share. This is by far the most difficult move weve ever done. What didnt help is having 2 1/2 years of thrifted inventory in the house and garage.


Hi Selena,
I have been using this down time to thrift shop and clean out more of my downsizing items and getting them listed or ready to list. I work outside my home so shipping can be stressful after work. What I found easier for me to do was to pack everything for shipping once it's listed. This way all I have to do is take it off the shelf and add the invoice, weigh it and print the shipping label. I use simple peel and stick labels and sometimes a little tape to hold them on the boxes with the etsy item number and/or ebay number and a description of the item. I organize them on shelves and it has proven to be much easier for me. It also makes it easier to have a folded down stash of good boxes on hand. I make one trip to my grocery store to pick different size boxes and then I don't have to scramble when something sells. I've also learned that in small storage spaces I'm only purchasing items that I want to store for a year. I review items and move them out if they don't sell or get a significant amount of views. I love reselling but it had to work in my small space or it wasn't happening at all.

converse all star

Hei, jeg liker deg siden. Jeg er glad Yahoo pekte meg til det. Jeg klarte å få den kunnskapen jeg søker så dårlig i flere dager now.Thank takk for din virkelig god web side. Ha en god dag.


Such wisdom! Very good advice, which I plan to promptly apply to my closet full of STUFF!

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